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Use the manufacturer barcode to track inventory

By default, your seller account is set to use the Amazon barcode to track your eligible inventory throughout the Amazon fulfilment process. You can change this default barcode preference at any time.

If you choose to use manufacturer barcodes, when customers purchase a product from you, Amazon can send the item that is closest to them, even if you didn't send it to the fulfilment centre. When that happens, you get the credit for the sale and we transfer an item from your inventory to the seller whose inventory was used to fulfil the order. In addition, if you use the manufacturer barcode, you don't have to apply an Amazon barcode to each item yourself.

Even though inventory tracked using the manufacturer barcode is commingled within the network, the source of the inventory is tracked by our fulfilment systems and is taken into consideration if inventory problems arise.


Not all inventory is eligible for tracking with the manufacturer barcode. To be eligible, products must:

  • Be in new condition only
  • Have a single scannable barcode that corresponds to a single ASIN in the Amazon catalogue
  • Not be expiry-dated
  • Not be consumable or topical products such as skin creams, shampoos, or cosmetics.
Important: If the manufacturer barcode maps to more than one ASIN, an Amazon barcode is required.

Amazon will identify the products that are not eligible and require an Amazon barcode when you create your offer. Amazon will, at our sole discretion, determine which products meet the eligibility requirements for using manufacturer barcodes. We reserve the right to disqualify products from using manufacturer barcodes that otherwise meet the above requirements.

Change your default barcode preference setting

You can change your default barcode preference in your Fulfilment by Amazon settings at any time. Your new default barcode preference applies only to offers that you create after you change your setting. You cannot change your default preference for existing offers and must either create a new offer or change the barcode preference for each existing offer individually.

To change your default barcode preference:

  1. In your seller account, under Settings, click Fulfilment by Amazon.
  2. Locate FBA Inventory Barcode Preference and click Edit.
  3. Select Enable to use the manufacturer barcode or Disable to use an Amazon barcode. Click Save.

Please allow 24 hours for the changes to be fully processed before creating new offers for your eligible inventory.

Note: After April 17, 2018, GCIDs can no longer be used in place of a UPC, EAN, JAN or ISBN to create ASINs. If your brand has been approved for the new Brand Registry program and you do not have UPCs, EANs, JANs or ISBNs for your products, please apply for GTIN Exemption.
Important: When you change your default barcode preference, the change applies only to listings created after you change your preference.

Remove inventory tracked using manufacturer barcodes

If you submit a removal order for inventory tracked using manufacturer barcodes, the items you receive may not be the same ones that you originally sent to Amazon.

Use the manufacturer barcode to track inventory

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