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Packaging and Prep Requirements

Please follow these guidelines when you ship packages to Amazon fulfilment centre. Amazon reserves the right to return any items that are packed in a way that does not meet these requirements:

  • Each FNSKU must be packed in a single package, such as, poly bag or box. In case final product requires assembly of different pieces, all pieces should be packed in one box. Amazon does not accept products requiring assembly of multiple separate pieces at our dock.
  • Clubbing of multiple FNSKUs in single poly bag in a shipment may lead to receiving error, if not labelled correctly. If a carton contains multiple unique FNSKUs, then ensure that FNSKU label on each unique listing is visible.
  • To ensure that your products are prepped correctly, please go to the categories under ‘Packaging and Prep Requirements’ on the left-hand side.
  • If your ASIN is a pack of units, then ensure that only one FNSKU label is present. For example, if your ASIN is a pack of 3 bottles, then there should only be one FNSKU label [links to this ‘pack of 3’ ASIN] visible for the entire pack.
  • For products that require MRP labels (all products except books and tires), you must affix a single printed MRP label to each unit of the product and the label must cover any existing details. In case of combo packs, they should have a single combined MRP label on the outermost package.
  • ASINs weighing < 10 kg, should be tied together (with the help of tape) and packed inside 5 ply corrugated box.
  • ASINs weighing > 10 kg dumbbells, should be packed in 5 ply corrugated box followed by woven sack.
  • Affix “Heavy lift with care” label on 4 sides of the box.
  • Any FNSKU used by the seller must correspond to one unique product, including assortments that should have a unique FNSKU per assortment type.
  • All products must be labelled with one scannable FNSKU on the outside of each shippable unit of the product. Human readable UPC, ISBN or EAN numbers should be included on the label as well. The Label should be on the exterior of the product in an easily accessible and scannable location.
  • Make sure that there are no Multiple Scannable Barcodes (MSB). If there are MSB, then Amazon may charge you for this defect under label issue.
  • For FBA or box labels, make sure that you use A4 size paper, the right printer and ink quality to avoid rejections or delay while in-warding at the fulfilment centre.
  • If you do not have a thermal printer that can print on A4 size papers, then use a LaserJet printer and make sure that the quality of ink keeps the barcode intact.
  • We recommend sellers to use sticky sheets as well, so that the paper quality is of high standard. In situations, where you do not have access to sticky paper, make sure that the FBA label is covered neatly with a transparent tape, so that the barcode is in good condition. Unauthorised marketing materials, such as pamphlets, price tags, or other non-Amazon stickers are prohibited. Amazon will not accept pre-priced labels or products.
  • To avoid unplanned prep and package related defects, please go to Unplanned FBA Prep Services.
  • Safety: You are required to use safety knives with covered blades in packing and distribution of Amazon deliveries to prevent sharp objects, such as blades being accidentally left in cartons and products that are liable to cause injury to Amazon Associates or Amazon customers.
  • Sharp or hazardous, or damage-prone items: Amazon reserves the right to specify products that need additional protective packaging in order to preserve the integrity of the product throughout the fulfilment process. Products sensitive to dust, dirt or humidity must be protected by transparent poly bags. Any product having these attributes delivered to the Amazon fulfilment centre with inadequate or non-compliant packaging will be refused or repackaged by Amazon at the seller's expense and may be subject to noncompliance fees.
Note: When items are purchased, they are shipped out in the packaging in which you sent them to our fulfilment centre. No additional packing is done to your products. Please make sure that your items are packed securely to prevent damage.

The following documents are available for you to print off and use as a quick reference when preparing your products for shipment to Amazon fulfilment centres:

  • Prep Matrix: A downloadable document, providing a summary of basic prep guidelines is available for you to print off and refer to when prepping your units for FBA shipments.

Prep may be required

Please click the Prep may be required tab to view products for which the prep guidance is unknown. This may be because the product has not been sent in before, or has not been previously classified as having a specific prep requirement.

If you know the prep required for products with no prep guidance available:

  • Please click Choose category in the Prep guidance column and select the prep category that best suits your product from the drop-down list. If your product does not require additional prep, then you can skip this step or select No prep.
  • For each category (except “No prep needed”) that you select, it will require a prep type. Hence, ensure that you prep your products based on what is recommended once you select the category. Example: Every item under fragile category will require bubble wrap.

The prep categories are:

  • Baby products includes plush toys or products for children aged 3 and under (teddy bears, dummies, baby bottles) and items with cutouts greater than 7.6 cm.
  • Sharp includes sharp items or items with sharp edges (knives, scissors, tools).
  • Fragile/Glass includes items that can break or shatter (glassware, china, picture frames).
  • Apparel on Hanger includes dresses, coats, baby clothes.
  • Apparel, Fabric, Plush and Textiles includes products made of cloth or fabric (apparel, blankets, linens).
  • Small includes products smaller than 5.1 cm on the longest side (jewellery, key chains, flash drives).
  • Adult includes products displaying potentially offensive material (explicit magazines and films).
  • Liquids Not in Glass Containers includes liquid or gels of more than 0.45 litres in plastic bottles or jars (liquid soap, sprays, lotions). Liquids in glass bottles or jars should be treated as fragile.
  • Powder, Pellets and Granular includes powders, scented home products and powdered detergents.
  • Perforated Packaging includes display case-packed items, such as sweet displays or granola bars.
  • No Prep Needed includes case-packed items that do not have perforated packaging and are sold as a case.
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