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Cancellation Rate

The Cancellation Rate (CR) is calculated as all seller-cancelled orders represented as a percentage of total orders over both a 7-day and a 30-day period. CR only applies to seller-fulfilled orders.

This metric includes all order cancellations initiated by the seller or when an order is cancelled automatically by Amazon because the seller has not shipped and ship-confirmed the order

  1. within 24 hours of the Estimated Ship Date (ESD) for standard orders and
  2. within ESD for Easy Ship Guaranteed Delivery and Local Shops orders

CR does not include

  1. cancellations that are requested by the customer using the order-cancellation options in their Amazon account, when cancelled by sellers using the reason as ‘Buyer Cancelled’
  2. pending orders that are cancelled by the customer directly on Amazon

Why are order cancellations initiated by the seller bad?

Every order cancellation leads to very poor customer experience. It is important to ensure that products you have listed on Amazon are in stock and available to ship. When you cancel an order placed by a buyer prior to fulfilment, it is usually because the product is out of stock. We expect you to keep inventory updated on Seller Central and try to minimise such issues. High cancellation rates are a problem that can impact your ability to sell. In the short term, it also negatively affects your bottom line because an unfulfilled order is lost revenue to your company.

Sellers are recommended to keep CR under 2% to enable good customer experience and maintain good seller performance metrics. To avoid impacting these metrics, we recommend that you ship out your orders by ESD.

Consistent poor performance may result in poor customer experience and could lead to enforcement action including loss of selling privileges on

Offer Suppression due to order cancellation

We closely monitor your Easy Ship and Self Ship listings with high order cancellations, and take temporary suppression action on these listings. Listing with history of high order cancellations or with consecutive 2 order cancellations in last 30 days will qualify for temporary suppression. You can reactivate the offers using the following steps:

  1. You can find suppressed ASINs on Manage Inventory by simply searching for the ASIN in Search bar.
  2. ASINs suppressed for cancellation will reflect under “Inactive (blocked)” status with orange marking (refer screenshot 2 below). You can click the Edit button and update quantity of ASIN, to reactivate the ASIN live.
  3. You can also click on “Inactive” tab on top of Manage Inventory page (refer screenshot 3 below).
  4. Under "Inactive" tab, you can find the suppressed ASINs by filtering inactive reason as “Paused”.
  5. You can click on Edit button and update quantity of ASIN from Manage Your Inventory (MYI) page to get the ASIN live on

Screenshot 1: Finding Suppressed Inventory on ‘Manage Inventory’ page

Screenshot 2: Identifier for ASINs suppressed for cancellations on Manage Your Inventory (MYI) page – ASINs suppressed for cancellation will reflect with “Inactive (blocked)” status with orange marking.

Screenshot 3: Inactive listings Page as per point 2. above – Filter for “Paused ASIN” in “Inactive Reason” list.

Cancellation Charge

Sellers will be charged 100% of referral fee (if cancelled on or before ESD) / 150% of referral fee (if cancelled after ESD) of the value of the products in an order as Cancellation Charge for seller-fulfilled orders that are cancelled under the following scenarios:

  1. Order is cancelled by seller for any reason other than buyer request. (Only cancellations requested by buyers through website are considered buyer requested cancellations and will be exempted from Cancellation Charge).
  2. For Indian sellers, Order is cancelled automatically by Amazon because the seller has not shipped and ship confirmed the order within 24 hours of Estimated Ship Date.
  3. For International sellers, Order is cancelled automatically by Amazon because the International Seller has not shipped and ship confirmed the order within 24 hours of Estimated Ship Date OR 6 days of Order Date, whichever is earlier.

    Sellers can view Cancellation Charges by visiting Reports tab on Seller Central and selecting Payments. Sellers can find the amount deducted as Cancellation Charges by visiting Transaction View and selecting Filter view by as Other. Cancellation Charge will be displayed with Transaction Type as Cancellation. Sellers can also use Find a transaction feature to search for charges for a particular cancelled order.

What is the difference between a refunded and a cancelled order?

A decision to not fulfil an order prior to ship-confirmation is a cancelled order. Once an order is ship-confirmed, a decision to accept a return or not ship an item is treated as a refund.

To view your CR and download your CR report:

  1. Go to the Account Health page in Seller Central.
  2. In the Shipping Performance section, click View details.
  3. Select the Cancellation Rate tab. Scroll down and click the Download Report button.

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