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How the Featured Offer works

The Featured Offer is the offer near the top of a product detail page, which customers can buy now or add to their shopping carts.

A key feature of the Amazon website is that multiple sellers can offer the same product. If more than one eligible seller offers a product, they may compete to become the Featured Offer for that product (as long as it can be shipped to the customer's address).

A seller's eligibility to win the Buy Box is tied to specific seller performance criteria that identify the sellers who have consistently provided customers with a great buying experience on the site.

How is the Featured Offer percentage calculated?

The Featured Offer percentage is calculated as the total page views in which you are the Featured Offer divided by the total page views received by products you list. Only active items are considered. You will see ‘—‘ if we are unable to calculate your Featured Offer percentage.

Product placement

When you place your products in the Amazon catalogue, anyone browsing Amazon can find and buy them. When customers find what they want, they can put the product into their shopping cart (and ultimately purchase the product) using one of three methods:

  • By clicking the Add to Cart button in the Buy Box.
  • By browsing seller offerings in the More Buying Choices box and then clicking the Add to Cart button next to the seller from whom they want to purchase the product.
  • By clicking the "new" link, browsing all offerings for the item, and then clicking the Add to Cart button next to the seller from which they want to purchase the product.

The Buy Box winner for a product is selected from the pool of eligible sellers offering that product based on, among other things, price and availability. Amazon will present the winning seller's offering as the first choice for buyers using the "Add to Shopping Cart" box on product detail pages. For many sellers, this placement may lead to increased product sales.

After the Buy Box winner is selected, up to three further qualifying sellers are displayed in the More Buying Choices box on the product detail page. The remaining seller offers are available to customers who click the "new" link at the bottom of the More Buying Choices box to go to the offer listing page.

How sellers can increase their chances of winning the Buy Box

Since seller performance requirements can vary by category and are subject to change, we do not disclose specific targets needed to become an eligible seller; however, becoming an eligible seller requires meeting very high standards, and excelling in the qualifying criteria is the best way to work toward achieving this status. If you are an eligible seller, you can increase your chances of winning the Buy Box by following these guidelines:


  • Since we look at the price the customer will pay (price + shipping), make sure you price your products competitively, including the shipping rates. The lowest price doesn't guarantee winning the Buy Box, as pricing is just one factor that is evaluated.
  • On the Manage Inventory page, you can view the price of the offer that is currently winning the Buy Box. In order to view the Buy Box price column, go to the Preferences page and enable display of the column. Buy Box prices are only displayed for "New" listings.


  • Keep stock available: If you have no current stock for a product, you cannot win the Buy Box. Use Seller Best Practices to keep your popular products in stock.
  • Update your inventory: Customers who submit orders for products that are not in stock are likely to leave negative feedback, especially around the holidays. To ensure that buyers cannot place orders for out-of-stock items, keep your inventory updated.


Offer multiple shipping options on your products, including free shipping. You can manage your available shipping options in Shipping Settings.

Customer Experience

  • ODR (Order Defect Rate)—ODR is based on customer feedback, A-to-Z claims, and chargebacks.
  • Other metrics related to seller performance.
  • Shipment experience offered on a product, including speed of shipment, handling time, and your participation in FBA.
  • Time and experience selling on Amazon.

The Customer Metrics page in your seller account can help you track your performance. For more information about performance standards, see Seller Performance Measurement.

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