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Use Buy Shipping services

Marketplace Shipping Service (MSS) aka ‘Buy Shipping’ allows you to book shipments with Amazon empanelled carriers for your Self-Ship orders directly via Seller Central, Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) API or integrated ERP service providers.

With Amazon's Buy Shipping, you can buy shipping labels individually or in bulk, ship and confirm your orders, and track your shipments.


Offer shipping solutions that can meet the customer delivery promise Buy Shipping automatically suggests shipping services based on services that can meet the delivery promise to the customer, your carrier preference, and lowest available cost.
Help to safeguard your performance metrics

Negative Customer Feedback: If you ship on time with tracking via Buy Shipping, and the buyer leaves seller feedback solely related to delayed or undelivered packages, then the feedback will be automatically removed. You can also request to have the feedback reviewed. If approved, then the impact of the feedback is removed from your Order Defect Rate, and the buyer’s comment will be displayed with a strike-through and the statement: The fulfilment issues associated with this order were not due to the seller. To learn more, please go to Can Amazon remove buyer feedback?.

A-to-z Guarantee Claims: If you purchase Amazon's Buy Shipping and ship on time, then you are protected against claims where a customer reports problems with delivery. Those claims will not affect your Order Defect Rate but you are still responsible for the financial loss of these claims.

Both the above mentioned policies ensure that sellers are only responsible for shipping their products on time, and are not penalised for delays that are out of their control.

To ensure shipping on time, please make sure that your shipment has a carrier pick-up scan before ship by date of the order. Ship by date is available on the order details page for individual orders.

Valid Tracking Rate: For all India orders, sellers must maintain a Valid Tracking Rate of 95% or higher for orders above certain thresholds to sell on Amazon. Please go to Valid Tracking Rate to learn more about thresholds, exceptions, and more. Orders shipped through Buy Shipping do not require a separate shipping confirmation. If you use Buy Shipping for your orders, then Amazon automatically uploads tracking information. You can track delivery status on the Orders Details page. To view the Orders Details page for a specific Order ID, please go to Orders > Manage Orders and select the Order ID under Order Details column.

Table 1. Features:
Save time when buying shipping

Amazon Print Connect: Use Amazon Print Connect to purchase shipping and send labels directly to your preferred thermal or laser printer with just one click. Please go to Amazon Print Connect to learn more.

Shipping Preferences: Set predefined shipping preferences, such as prioritising carrier shipping methods, creating custom packaging types, and selecting confirmation options. To know more about shipping preferences, please go to Buy Shipping preferences.

The Buy Shipping Services in India are currently available for sellers from the below list of countries:
  • China

    Recommended Carriers: Delhivery, SF Express, and GATI

  • USA

    Recommended Carrier: Ship Global

To enable Buy Shipping Services on your account, please follow the steps given below:

  1. Create an account with one (or more) of the recommended carriers from the above list (corresponding to your country).
  2. On Seller Central, under Settings, click Account Info.
  3. Click Self-Ship Settings.
  4. Under Current Carrier, click Add/Edit carrier.
  5. Select the carrier from the drop-down list and enter the respective Carrier Account ID. Click Submit.
  6. Once done, inform the seller that it will take two working days for the team to safelist their seller account for Buy Shipping. You will receive a notification by e-mail on your registered E-mail ID.
    Note: Contact Amazon Seller Support if it has been two days and Buy Shipping is still not enabled in your account.

To use buy shipping through API, please go through the T&Cs put forward by Amazon and the corresponding carrier. For T&Cs, click Account Info > Buy Shipping Preference > Merchant Fulfilment API registration, and accept Amazon and Carrier T&Cs.

To start taking advantage of Amazon’s Buy Shipping services, please see:

Please send feedback and suggestions to We value your feedback and will review your input carefully as we prioritise feature improvements.

Note: If you need to void or change a shipping label, then please go to Reprint a shipping label.

If your buyer does not receive their order, then please go to What if a buyer says they did not receive their order?

For details about removing buyer feedback about your order, please go to Can Amazon remove buyer feedback?

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