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Good images are important to your products' success. In an online store, the product image is one of your most valuable marketing tools.

When customers browse Amazon pages, often the image draws them to consider your product. In addition, with so many choices available for online purchases, a well-formed image can set your product apart from the others. Poor quality images turn away customers. Use your product images to communicate the selling points and features of your products, to inform and interest customers, and to reinforce your brand. Every SKU must have a main image.

Types of images

Amazon can display several images for each product in the catalog. As a seller, it is in your interest to provide several high-resolution product images for your products so customers can make informed buying decisions. You can use four types of images to illustrate your products:

  • The parent SKU main image, used for the product detail page (the page customers see when they search or browse the catalog). Only one main image is used per parent product. The main image appears as a smaller representation of the full-size image on the product detail page. When customers click the smaller picture, the full-size picture appears in a pop-up window. You must supply a parent main image.
  • The Child SKU main image, used to show a view of the product in the specific color for the given child SKU. The main image for the child SKU shows in the image pop-up window. Each child SKU has just one main image, representing the child product in the specified color. You must supply a child main image for every color that you sell.
  • Alternate images, used to show different views of the product to help clarify use, detail, fabric, cut, or other ways to view the product, or to show related products. You can supply up to eight alternate images for each parent or child SKU. The alternate image for a parent product appears in the image pop-up window. If a customer clicks a specific color in the image pop-up window (for example, a blue sample), then the pop-up window shows the alternate image for the "blue" SKU.
  • Swatch images, used to show different available colors, fabrics, or other choices for products. You can supply one swatch image per child SKU. Swatch images display on the product detail page next to the name of the color and has to be the same as the main image for each child ASIN.
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