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Lightning Deal Fees

Lightning Deals are flash sales where a product is featured for certain hours on the Amazon Deals page, one of the most visited pages on Amazon. Lightning Deals are aimed at offering short term attractive prices for high demand products on, thereby potentially increasing the chances of getting a sales lift for the sellers during the deal period. With this fee introduction, only performing deals are intended to be offered to the customers thereby improving the visibility of your deals. Removing non-performing deals is likely to help you to generate additional sales per deal driven by higher traffic and better conversion. If you perform well in these Lightning Deals, then you are likely to generate more traffic to your products even in the non-deals period standing a chance to increase your business.

What is the fee I will be charged per Lightning Deal?

Type of deal STEP level Fee charges
Amazon-recommended Lightning Deals Premium INR 159 per deal
Advanced INR 159 per deal
Standard INR 179 per deal
Basic INR 199 per deal

For more information, go to Amazon STEP.

How can I place ASINs on deals, if they are not part of Amazon recommendations?

Amazon recommended deals can be configured directly by sellers on Seller Central. In case you want to add additional ASINs to Lightning Deals, you can do so by reaching out to Selling Partner Support.

When will I be charged?

The charges towards Lightning Deals will be levied once a month. You will be charged a flat fee based on your STEP Level at the end of the month. We will send you a consolidated email every month with the details of ASINs on which you configured Lightning Deals. We will send you the details of ASINs on which you configured Lightning Deals on your registered email ID. You can view the Lightning Deal fee charges on your date range report on Seller Central. To generate date range report, follow these steps:

  1. From the Reports menu, select Payments.
  2. Select Date Range Reports.
  3. Click Generate a statement.
  4. In the Generate date range report pop-up box, proceed as follows:
    1. Select report type: Transaction.
    2. Select reporting range: Month or Custom, and the specified date information.
    3. Click Generate.

    Review your report in the list on the Date Range Reports page.

    Download and open the file in Excel.

    The adjustment will be found in the 'other' column with the 'type' field description equal to 'Adjustment'.

Where can I find the Lightning Deal fee invoices and Deal details?

Lightning Deal fee invoice: Lightning Deal fee invoices can be found in the document repository.

Lightning Deal ID: Lightning Deal IDs ran and charged for a given month will be available in custom reports with the report name “Lightning_Deal_report_Month_Year”.

Will Amazon charge me if my deal does not perform well?

The business for a seller on depends on multiple factors and we cannot promise an increase in business with a Lightning Deal fee. However, we have historically seen better business for higher quality deals and urge you to follow the guidelines before deciding the products that you want to put on a Lightning Deal.

Running a Lightning Deal does not guarantee that you will win the Buy Box.

If you were incorrectly charged a Lightning Deal fee for a Lightning Deal that did not run, then contact Selling Partner Support within 30 days of receiving the email for possible refund consideration.

Will Amazon charge me for a cancelled Deal?

Amazon will not charge you if the deal is suppressed or does not go live due to technical glitches.

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