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Multiple Listing and Duplicate issue policy

Do's and Don'ts of Multiple Listing

Don’ts Don’ts
While creating a listing for a product which is compatible with multiple devices, create a single ASIN and call out compatible devices in bullet points/ product description.

E.g. A customer who is searching for a power bank or smart watch which is compatible with multiple devices, is more likely to search for all the relevant compatibility related information on the detail page of one ASIN. The customer is very unlikely to search such products, based on compatibility.

In such cases, use bullet points such as "Compatible with all devices" or "Compatible with all android devices".
Do not create different listings of the same product having universal compatibility or range of compatible devices.

If you create multiple listings, customer ratings of your product will get distributed across and no ASIN of yours will carry good ratings, thus hampering the sales. Creating such ASINs will be treated as listing policy violation and your ASINs will be suppressed.
Use only your brand name and product name in the title.

Create only one listing per product. If the product you wish to sell already exists on platform (same brand, same functionality and product description), add your offer on it instead of creating one more listing.
Do not create duplicate listings of the same product.

Creating more than one listings for same product does not increase its chances of appearing in customer search. It misleads the customers and reduces your chances of a sale. Creating more than one ASIN with the exact same title and exact same detail page information will be considered as a duplicate listing and such listings will be suppressed.

Here are a few examples:

Wrong Listing Reason Correct Title
ASIN 1 title: Samsung J7 compatible 2600 mAh power bank by Captcha

ASIN 2 title: Apple iphoneiPhone 7 compatible 2600 mahmAh power bank by Captcha

ASIN 3 title: Captcha 2600 mahmAh power bank for Redmi Note 3
Power bank is compatible with all the devices. Whichever ASIN customer orders, he/ she will be shipped the exact same product. This is a case of multiple listing of the same product. There is no requirement to create multiple instances of such listings with compatible devices mentioned in the title. Only one ASIN with Title: Captcha 2600 mahmAh power bank

Bullet point: Compatible with all mobile phones

Note: Amazon reserves the right to not use all supplied keywords for retrieving products. Reasons for not using all keywords may include, but are not limited to, search computational efficiency, potential manipulation of search results, irrelevant search terms and offensive or illegal terms.

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