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Best practices to enter accurate weight and dimension for package during scheduling Easy Ship pickups

While scheduling Easy Ship shipments, you need to enter the following:

  • Package weight
  • Package length
  • Package breadth
  • Package height

Below are some of the do’s and don’ts of measuring package weight and dimensions.


  • Place the package freely on a table and measure the dimensions (in cm).
  • While measuring the dimensions (length, breadth, height), they should be measured and entered in centimeters (cm)
  • While measuring the weight of the packages, they should be measured and entered in grams.
  • Measure the package dimensions after fixing the shipping labels.
  • For order where quantity is greater than 1 unit, provide weight and dimensions of package with respective quantity packed. For example, if order is for 2 units, please provide weight/dimension for package with 2 units.


  • Placing the product resting to some support while measuring dead weights
  • Squeezing the packages while taking dimensions measurements.
  • Measuring the weight and dimensions before packing the product completely.

For more information on bulk scheduling of the orders, go to: How to process Easy Ship orders.

For recorded session regarding best practices for packaging and measuring weight and dimensions accurately, go to: Seller University video .

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