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Send to Amazon: Confirm shipping

Once you have selected the SKUs and confirmed the quantity of each SKU and Fulfilment Centre (FC) to ship, you can proceed to step 2 in the Send to Amazon workflow, Confirm shipping. This page has information on reviewing your shipment and setting the shipping mode and shipping carrier.

Shipment Summary

Note: Your inventory may be routed to more than one fulfilment centre as per your selection in step 1. If you choose the Amazon inbound pick-up services, then please note that additional charges for prep and labelling may be applicable.

You can also visit the site navigation training here.

To confirm shipping, please follow these steps:

  1. Select your Shipping mode. The shipping mode refers to how your shipment will be transported. You can send your inventory as small parcel shipments or pallet shipments.
  2. Select your Shipping carrier. Shipping carrier refers to the choice of carrier that you want to use to send the inventory to the Amazon Fulfilment Centres (FCs). If you want to use the same carrier for all the shipments, then click Carrier will be same for all shipments checkbox.

If you have chosen “FBA pick-up service by ATS”

  1. Please click Enter box information button under contents.
  2. Enter the total number of boxes in each shipment. Then enter the Length, breath and height of the boxes in centimetres and weight in kilograms, for each box that you want to send.
    Note: You are only allowed to send up to 150 boxes in each shipment if you choose FBA pick-up service by ATS.

    For more information about ‘FBA pick-up service by ATS’, please go to FBA Pick-up Service.

If you have chosen '3P Empanelled carrier' or 'Own carrier'

  1. For ‘3P Empanelled carrier', please click Contact carrier to re-direct you to domestic shipping page in order to choose a third-party (3P) carrier. This step is not applicable if you are using an own carrier.
  2. Click Enter box information under contents.
  3. Enter the 'total number of boxes' in each shipment and then click outside the box to generate the tabs to enter the 'Length, breath and height' of the boxes in centimetres and weight in kilograms, for each box that you want to send.
    Note: You are allowed to send up to 500 boxes in each shipment if you are shipping through ‘3P Empanelled carrier’ or ‘Own Carrier’.

    For more information about ‘3P Empanelled carrier’, please go to SPN Overview.

  4. Once you have completed selecting carrier and entered the box information for each shipment, click on Approve all shipments and Continue.
    • Shipping date needs to be updated without fail to complete step 2.
    • For FBA pick-up service, it is mandatory to enter declared value details in Step 1.
    • Ensure that all information entered in step 1 and step 2 is correct as no details can be changed after the completion of step 2.
    • STA currently supports ‘Small Parcel Delivery’ shipping mode only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave in the middle of the workflow and come back to finish?

You can leave the workflow at any point and return to the place from where you left. However, fulfilment centre recommendations may have changed.

Can I modify SKUs, quantities or Fulfilment Centres (FCs)?

You can modify SKUs, quantities or Fulfilment Centres (FCs) before you confirm shipping. Once you have confirmed shipping, and have to make changes, you must cancel all the shipments in the workflow and start over.

What happens when I confirm a shipment?

When you confirm your shipment, you agree to the shipment destinations chosen by you and any applicable estimated charges for prep and labelling. Once you confirm the shipment, a Shipment ID is generated for each destination. You can use this ID to see shipment details, and tracking and reconciliation information in your Shipping Queue.

Why should I enter the box information for my shipment?

The box information is necessary for ‘FBA pick-up service’ as it helps us to arrange your pick-up effectively. The exact dimensions and weight of boxes also helps in cases of reconciliation.

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