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FBA Undelivered Order reimbursements report

The Undelivered Order Reimbursements Report provides itemised details for all Amazon fulfilled orders which have been returned to the fulfilment centres as undelivered, and the corresponding reimbursements issued against such orders, in accordance with the reimbursement policy for undelivered shipments.

Note the following points with respect to this report:

  • The Undelivered Order Reimbursements Report is generated twice a month.
  • The first report is for the period 1st- 15th, and the second report is for the period 16th – end of the month.
  • Each report is available for download after five days from the report generation period. For example, the report for the period 1st – 15th is available for download on the 20th and so on.
  • The report just records all reimbursements identified as eligible with respect to the policy and is not indicative of whether the amounts have been disbursed to your account.
  • Availability- This report is only available for transactions starting from January 1, 2018 and later. Past records cannot be accessed through this report.
  • You can access to any of the previously generated reports which are available for download and are represented by the date range of the report.
  • If a report download is attempted before the available date, the following error message is displayed: “Sorry you don't have any reports available for the current selection.."
Table 1. Undelivered Order Reimbursements Report field definitions
Header Description
Order Date Date when the order was created.
Return to seller date Date on which the order return was processed at fulfilment centre.
Order Id The unique identifier assigned to a customer order.
Return Reason Return reason recorded for an order during processing.
Eligible for reimbursement Indicates whether this order return is eligible for reimbursement or not per the policy.
FBA Fees Charged Total FBA fees charged against the order.
FBA Fees Reimbursed FBA fees that has been reimbursed for the order.

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