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Inventory file templates

Individual sellers: This feature is available to sellers with Professional selling plans.
Note: Macros in inventory file templates are no longer supported.

An Inventory File Template is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that contains multiple data columns for describing your products. Sellers use Inventory File Templates to upload listings to Amazon. Different inventory file templates helps sellers to create new product listings, update existing product details and adding their offering on an existing product.

Most inventory file templates are designed for a specific product category. However, if you are not sure about the category your products will fall under, use search tool or product classifier available here to generate a file for your product. For detailed instructions on how to create an inventory file, see create your customized inventory file.

Video Tutorial

Refer to the following links for video tutorials and additional information:

The tables below contain the downloadable Microsoft Excel files to help you add offer to existing products, update inventory, create new products and update existing catalog. Do not open these files directly in your browser. Instead, save the files to your local computer and open them from your local disk drive.

General Templates

Template Name Use Case Use for
Inventory Loader The Inventory Loader allows you to enter media product (Books, Music, Video and DVD) shipping settings, with optional fields for expedited-shipping and will-ship-internationally Use for media products
Price & Quantity update Update Prices and Quantities of items that are already listed in your seller account. To learn more, seePrice & Quantity file. Use for price and quantity updates of items that are already listed in your seller account.
Shipping Overrides Modify shipping settings for individual products in your seller account. Use only for non-media products as exceptions where the regular shipping settings in Seller Central are not sufficient.

Inventory files

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The information you provide will be uploaded to our site and will be displayed to our customers on the detail page of each product.

In the Style guidelines for each category, you'll find useful tips about title formats, image quality, content type and product classification.

Please bear in mind as you run through these guidelines that a good detail page will drive your sales by ensuring that our customers are able to make effective buying decisions.

You can use these links to download a copy of the appropriate Style Guidelines for the categories in which you sell products.

Below are category specific excel templates to create new products or update attributes in existing product ASINs.

  • If your product does not have UPC/EAN/Barcodes, refer How to list without UPC.
  • After selecting the feed_product_type in "Template" tab, the Required column will be highlighted in "Red" and Optional column in "Blue".
  • If you are updating product data for existing products in your seller account, use “PartialUpdate” in the “update_delete” column. See How to edit product detail page for more information.
  • Some attributes in the file are free text (no data limitations) while others have valid values (with defined drop down values).

Categories Style Guides Sample Products Browse Tree Guide Updated Date
Clothing Style Guides for all kind of Clothing and Accessory Ethnic Wear, Dress, Shirt, Pants, Coat, Sweater, Belts, Underwear etc. Clothing BTG August 19, 2020
Jewellery Style Guides for Jewellery Bracelet, Earring, Necklace, Ring Jewelry Set, Charms etc. Jewellery BTG July 7, 2020
Shoes and Handbags Style Guides for Shoes and Handbags Shoes, Sandals, Slippers, Boots, Handbags, Tote bags etc. Shoes and Handbags BTG June 15, 2020
Luggage Style Guides for Luggage Backpack, Wallet, Suitcase, Duffel Bag, Cosmetic Case etc. Luggage BTG June 15, 2020
Watches Style Guides for Watches Watches and Watch Accessories Watches BTG June 15, 2020
Electronics - PC Style Guides for Computer Electronics Notebook Computer, Wearable Computer, Motherboard, Input Mouse etc. Electronics - PC BTG June 15, 2020
Electronics - Accessories and Devices Style Guides for Electronic Accessories and Devices Headphones, Speakers, Batter, Printer, Electronic Accessories etc. Electronics - Accessories BTG May 12, 2020
Electronics - Mobile Phones and Accessories Style Guides for Cellular Phones and Mobile Accessories Cellular Phones, Mobile Phone Accessories etc. Mobile Phones and Accessories BTG June 30, 2020
Musical Instruments Style Guides for Musical Instruments Sound and Recording Equipment, Instrument Parts and Accessories etc. Musical Instrument BTG September 21, 2019
Office Products Style Guides for Office Products Office Supplies, Art and Craft supplies, Office furniture, Envelopes, Paper, Office electronics, stationary Office Supplies BTG September 21, 2019
Drugstore Style Guides for Drugstore Products Nutritional Supplements, Vitamins, OTC Medication, Dietary Supplement’s etc. Health BTG September 21, 2019
Toys Style Guides for Toys and Games Ride on Toys, Balloons, Puzzles, Toy Figure etc. Toys BTG September 21, 2019
Baby Product Style Guides for Baby Products Baby Bottle, Strollers, Infant Toddler Car Seats etc. Baby BTG September 21, 2019
Grocery Style Guides for Grocery Products Breakfast Cereal, Flour, Noodles, Candy etc. Grocery BTG July 24, 2020
Beauty Style Guides for Beauty Products Make up, Sunscreen, Fragrance, Shampoo etc. Beauty BTG August 19, 2020
Personal Care Appliances Style Guides for Personal Care Appliances Massagers, Toothbrush, Hair Dryer, Hair Iron etc. Personal Care Appliances BTG September 21, 2019
Pet Products Style Guides for Pet Products All pet food, accessories, care equipment, pet apparel Pet Supplies BTG September 21, 2019
Sports Style Guides for Sports Products All sports equipment, Sports apparel, Sport accessories, Gym equipment (Do not use this for personal care devices and dietary supplements) Sports BTG August 19, 2020
Home Improvement Style Guides for Home Improvement Products Household cleaning supplies, home improvement supplies, home tools and equipment, domestic renovation products etc. Home Improvement BTG June 30, 2020
Home - Other Style Guides for Home Products Home Home - Other BTG August 19, 2020
Home storage, craft equipment, home appliances (small) Home - Small Appliances BTG June 15, 2020
Kitchen Style Guides for Kitchen Products Kitchen supplies, kitchen tools, utensils, kitchen accessories, kitchen equipments Kitchen - BTG July 22, 2020
BISS - Food Services Style Guides for Food Services Business, Industrial and Scientific Supplies designed to be used for professional purposes in a business or commercial environment. BISS - BTG September 21, 2019
BISS - Industrial Style Guides for Industrial and Scientific Products June 30, 2020
BISS - Lab Supplies Style Guides for Lab Supplies September 21, 2019
BISS - Mechanical Fasteners Style Guides for Mechanical Fasteners September 21, 2019
BISS - Professional Health Care Style Guides for Professional Health Care Products June 15, 2020
Lawn & Garden Style Guides for Lawn and Garden Products Gardening accessories, plants and seeds, Outdoor dining, bird and bee houses, picnic accessories, outdoor furniture Lawn & Garden BTG July 22, 2020
Automotive Style Guides for Automotive Products Car and Motorcycle parts and accessories, Tyres and Rims, and lubricants Automotive BTG September 21, 2019
Major Appliances Style Guides for Major Appliances Washing machines, Dishwashers and Refrigerators July 22, 2019
Video Games - Console Style Guides for Video Games - Console PlayStation, XBox, Nintendo Video Games - Console BTG September 21, 2019
Software Style Guides for Software Products All software products Software BTG September 21, 2019
Book Style Guide for Books Match to existing books or create new entries in the catalogue. Books BTG September 21, 2019
Video Games - Games Style Guides for Video Games All format video games Video Games - Games BTG May 12, 2020
DVD Style Guide for DVDs All Movie CDs, DVD and Blue Ray Movies BTG September 21, 2019
Gift Cards Gift Cards BTG September 21, 2019
Music Style Guides for Music Products All Movie CDs, DVD and Blue Ray Music BTG September 21, 2019
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