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Remove inventory from a fulfilment centre

When you want to remove your inventory from an Amazon fulfillment center, you submit a removal order. You remove inventory from fulfillment centers by:

Which method you use depends on the type and condition of the inventory you want to remove. These methods are not mutually exclusive.

Important: Amazon reserves the right to dispose of any inventory which poses a safety risk. Amazon holds unsellable and recalled inventory for 90 days, after which it is automatically disposed of if a removal request is not submitted. See Automated Disposal Orders for more information. You will be notified by email prior to disposal for any Amazon-initiated disposal and charged any associated disposal fees.

Removal fees are charged per item removed. For more information, see FBA removal order fees.

Create a removal order

You can begin creating a removal order from either the Manage Inventory page or the Recommended Removal report. You can select any inventory that you want to remove using the Manage Inventory page. The Recommended Removal report includes only that inventory which is subject to upcoming long-term storage fees.

  1. Do one of the following:
    • On the Manage Inventory page, select the items that you want to remove, and then select Create removal order from the Action on selected drop-down list.
    • On the Recommended Removal report, click Begin removal process. If Begin removal process doesn't appear on the report, you don't have inventory that we recommend you remove.
    Tip: If the recommended removal list spans multiple pages, a separate removal order must be created for each page.
  2. On the Removal order details page, under Method of removal, select Return and type the address that you want the inventory shipped to.
    Important: Removal order returns cannot be:
    • Shipped outside of India
    • Shipped to another fulfillment center
    • Used to fill customer orders

    Select Pick Up if you want to pick-up the inventory from the FC or select Dispose to have your inventory disposed of at the fulfillment center.

  3. Removal from FC: It is an optional field. The acceptable value is a registered FC code (hyphenated with state code) from which removal is desired. You can choose the FC from the registered list of FC codes by double-clicking inside the Select FC text box or by selecting it from as-you-type suggestions. Once the FC is selected, the items that you have pre-selected from Amazon-fulfilled Inventory (or any other page) will reflect quantity against the selected FC in the Specify Ordered Units section. If the Select FC text box is left blank, a removal order will be created at the network level, that is, the system will allocate the appropriate FC to create a removal. Click here to know about FC codes.
  4. Shipping Address: Your default return shipping address will auto-populate, but can be edited.
  5. Tax Details: Enter the destination GST number (optional). For more information, click here.
  6. For Set order ID, type a custom order ID or leave the field blank and an order ID will be created for you.
  7. Service Speed: By default, the service speed is Standard. Alternatively, if you choose Expedited, the eligible units will be delivered to you within five business days of the receipt of your removal order. You will not be charged the expedited fee for any unit that is shipped through standard removal process. Some units, such as hazardous materials (hazmat), are not eligible for removal.
    Tip: When you create a removal order, save your removal order ID. It is helpful for tracking your removal order.
  8. Under Specify ordered SKUs/units, a list of selected items is displayed. Enter the quantity of items you would like to have removed. You can select quantities from fulfillable or unfulfillable inventory. To add more inventory to the list, in the Search and add items text box, type a title, MSKU, ASIN, or FNSKU, and click Search. Select the products you want to remove, and click Add selected.
  9. Under Fulfillable qty, specify the number of fulfillable units to be removed.
  10. Under Unfulfillable qty, specify the number of unfulfillable units to be removed.
  11. To remove an item from the list, select Delete.
  12. Click Continue.
Note: Some fulfillment centers do not support the Return feature for removal orders. Accordingly, please select the Pick Up option while creating removals from such fulfillment centers. If you create removals with Return, you will still be required to visit the fulfillment center to collect your products. For a list of Amazon fulfillment centers that support a maximum of 200 units in a single Pick Up removal order, click here.

After you create a removal order, on the Review and place order page, confirm that all of the information is correct before submitting your order.

  1. Under Items that will be removed, make sure that the items listed are the ones that you want removed. To change the items, click Change Units or Items.
  2. Under Fulfillable qty and Unfulfillable qty, verify the number of items that you want removed. To change the number of items, click Change units or items.
  3. Under Order summary, review the order ID, method of removal, and ship-to address. Click Change if you want to modify the information.
  4. Under Shipping summary, review the shipping speed.
  5. Under Estimated fees, review the removal fees.
  6. Click Place order to accept the charges and complete the removal order. You can cancel your removal order by clicking Cancel order.

Monitor or cancel a removal order

You can monitor or cancel a removal order if the status of the order is Planning, Pending, or Processing.

  1. On the Manage Orders page, click Advanced search.
  2. In the Search drop-down list, select Order ID, and then type your removal order ID. Click Search.
  3. Under Status, confirm that the status is Pending or Completed or Cancelled (see Removal Order Cancelled to learn why units in a removal order can get automatically cancelled).
  4. To cancel, click Cancel this order under Action. To monitor order at any status in detail, click on the order id and it would direct to the Removal Order Details page.
Important: Your removal order may already be in process before the cancellation request is received. Check back later to confirm that your removal order has been successfully cancelled.

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