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Create a coupon

To create a coupon, please follow the steps below:

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  1. Go to Advertising, and then select Coupons.
  2. Click Create a new coupon on the dashboard.
    Note: If this is your first coupon, then click Create your first coupon.
  3. You can choose to create one coupon at a time, or create coupons in bulk by using a spreadsheet. To create one coupon at a time, follow the steps below. To create coupons in bulk, follow the instructions in How to create coupons in bulk section.
  4. Using the menu on the left hand side, search for the products that you want to add to the coupon and then click Add to coupon. The products that you added to your coupon will move to the right hand side of the screen. If there are any variations that you would like to exclude from the coupon, then click Show variations in the related product's box, find the variation that you would like to remove, and then click Remove. When you finish selecting the products that you would like to add, click Continue to next step.
  5. Choose between Percentage Off and Money Off discounts. Enter the discount that you would like to offer. This value has to be a percentage for Percentage Off and a INR amount for Money Off discounts. The minimum and maximum discounts for coupons are 5% and 80% respectively.
    Note: Percentage Off and Money Off coupons will be combined with discounts from other promotions that are running at the same time, including Lightning Deals, Promotions, Sale Price and Business Price. For example, if a Lightning Deal offers a 20% discount on a ₹100 ASIN and that same ASIN also has a 5% off coupon running at the same time, then the 5% off discount from the coupon will be combined with the 20% discount from the Lightning Deal. This will result in a total discount of ₹25.

    Standard Price: ₹100

    Lightning Deal Discount: 20%

    Coupon Discount: 5%

    Total Discount: (100 * 0.2) + (100 * 0.05) = ₹25

  6. Set a budget for your coupon. For details, please see How do coupon budgets work? Click Continue to next step.
  7. Select a title, start date and end date for your coupon. You can also choose to target your coupon to a customer segment from this step. For details, please see How does coupon targeting work? Click Continue to next step.
    Note: The earliest a coupon can go live is 6 hours after creation. Coupons created with a same day start date will require at least 6 hours for our system to run a number of validation rules on your coupon in order to make sure that it offers a good value to our customers. We currently do not allow the creation of coupons more than 6 months in advance (Start date of coupon cannot be more than 6 months from the day of creation).
  8. Review your coupon. If everything looks right, then click Submit coupon.

Adding products: You can add up to 200 parent ASINs to one coupon. To help to provide a better customer experience, please select products within the same sub-category, price level, or product group. For the products where you are winning the Buy Box, your coupon offer will be more visible throughout the site.

Editing a coupon: Approximately 6 hours before the start time, your coupon will be locked down. At this time, our systems run validation rules on your coupon to make sure that it offers a good value to our customers. Once locked down, you will not be able to make any changes to your coupon until it goes live. After the coupon goes live, you can increase your budget or extend the duration (up to 90 days maximum).

Cancelling a coupon: At any time, you can cancel any of your coupons by clicking the Deactivate button on your dashboard.

Important: Entering offensive words, discount percentages, or referring to events (such as Prime Day or Black Friday) in coupon titles are prohibited. Failure to comply with these rules may result in your coupon being deactivated by Amazon.
Note: As you consider running promotions for your products, keep in mind that promotions cannot be provided as an incentive for customer reviews (either explicitly or implicitly).

Also note that customer reviews from purchases with promotions might not always get the 'Amazon Verified Purchase' badge.

To learn more, refer to Customer product reviews policies and Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews.

Advertise (Optional)

After you submit your coupon, you will have the option to create a Sponsored Products campaign for your coupon ASINs to potentially elevate search placement and increase page views. Learn more about Sponsored Products eligibility and Sponsored Products for Coupons.

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