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Fulfilment by Amazon

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In Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA), you store your products in Amazon’s world class fulfilment centres, and we take care of packing and shipping each individual order to customers. Your products get the Prime badge and Fulfilled by Amazon tag due to the fast and free delivery options to customers.

Note: TRY FBA is a limited time promotion that allows you to try FBA for the first time and experience its benefits and increased sales due to Prime badge. All the FBA specific charges (transportation to fulfilment centre, storage, packing and removals) are made free by this offer. For more details, please visit Try FBA for free.

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Benefits of FBA

You sell, we ship

You can store your products in Amazon fulfilment centres, and we will take care of picking, packing, shipping and managing returns.

Get the Prime tag

With FBA, you will get the Prime badge for your products which increases visibility and discoverability, and ensures your customers of faster delivery.

Win the Buy Box

As FBA products carry Amazon's promise of faster and efficient delivery, you have higher chances of winning the Buy Box.

How FBA Works

  • Step 1: Choose the Amazon fulfilment centres in which you want to store your products

    Once you click Register for FBA, choose Amazon fulfilment centres (FCs) in the state where you want to start FBA. Select the state where you have GST registered. It is recommended that you register in all the fulfilment centres in your state to avoid space issues later.

  • Step 2: Share your Business Details

    Please keep your GST, PAN, and other business details handy.

    Note: Amazon keeps this business related information confidential and safe.

  • Step 3: Add Amazon fulfilment centres which were selected earlier, in your GST certificate

    In FBA, you store your products in Amazon fulfilment centres. Therefore, it is like an Additional Place of Business (APoB) for you. As per Government guidelines, you will need to add Amazon fulfilment centre’s address as APoB in your GST certificate. This is a two day process which you can complete on your own for free, or seek guidance from our recommended third-party CAs at nominal charges. Once you submit relevant documents, our teams will verify it and enable you for FBA within 24 hours.

  • Step 4: Send your products to your chosen Amazon fulfilment centre

    Once FBA is enabled, please prepare your shipment and send it to Amazon fulfilment centre through Amazon Inbound Transportation (ATS) in which we will pick up the shipment from your location. You could also ship it through any third-party service provider or your own shipping carrier.

Once Amazon receives your products at the fulfilment centre, they are available for customers to buy. Amazon will take care of picking, packing and shipping your orders along with managing returns and availability of customer service in regional languages.

To learn more about shipment creation, please watch the video here.

Fees associated with FBA

There is NO additional set up charges or subscription fees when you add Fulfilment by Amazon to your seller account.

FBA Fee structure

*Standard sell on Amazon Fee is applicable for other shipping methods like Easy Ship as well. However in FBA, the Closing Fee and Shipping Fee is reduced and is lesser than the other shipping channels (Easy Ship).

Calculate the cost and benefits of using FBA with the FBA Fee Calculator.

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