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Create shipments with Send to Amazon

Send to Amazon (beta) is a new shipment workflow with a streamlined process that requires fewer steps to replenish your Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) inventory.

Features and benefits of Send to Amazon

Send to Amazon (STA) offers you the below features and benefits:

  • The STA provides you a simpler experience by reducing the number of steps involved in shipment creation. For instance, the prep and labelling options are now integrated into the product selection page.
  • The STA workflow also reduces your effort by pre-populating certain options based on your previous shipments (Example: Prep type)
  • The STA workflow lets you to create multiple shipments to different fulfilment centres in a single workflow. Thus enabling you to replenish your inventory to multiple fulfilment centres across India at one time.
  • The STA workflow provides quantity recommendations for your FBA SKUs to the fulfilment centres that you are registered in, so your products are available to your customers faster and your inventory is always in healthy levels.
  • The STA workflow has also integrated existing features like ‘PCP Compliance’, ‘Book Fulfilment Centre (FC) Appointment’, ‘Shipping plan upload’, and so on, to ensure seamless transition to STA from the existing workflow.
Note: Send to Amazon will first be introduced as ‘Beta’. The STA during ‘Beta’ might not include all the features and options mentioned here.

Shipment requirements

Send to Amazon (FBA) shipments must meet the following requirements to ensure a smooth shipping process:

Get started with Send to Amazon

Send to Amazon workflow allows you to create a consignment to our fulfilment centres in these 3 simple steps:

Shipment summary

You can also visit the site navigation training here.

Note: You can track your shipping plans or completed shipments by going to Shipping Queue through the ‘Manage FBA Shipments’ button on the Inventory drop-down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Send to Amazon instead of a different shipment creation workflow?

Send to Amazon reduces your effort by simplifying the inbound experience by enabling shipment creation to multiple fulfilment centres at one time, pre-populating options based on your previous shipment history, and provides quantity recommendations for your FBA listings based on our Restock Inventory Management (RIM) methodology.

Can I send my inventory to any of my registered FBA Fulfilment Centres (FCs)?

Yes, you may send your inventory to any of our Fulfilment Centres (FCs) if the selected Fulfilment Centre (FC) has the necessary capabilities to store your inventory. To understand the FBA Fulfilment Centres (FCs) storage capabilities, please go to FBA overview. You can also add or remove Fulfilment Centres (FCs) from your shipping plan by clicking ‘view/modify’ button in Step 1: Choose inventory to send.

Can I convert SKUs to FBA using Send to Amazon?

No, only SKUs that already have been converted to FBA are displayed in step 1 of the shipment workflow, Choose inventory to send. To learn how to convert SKUs to FBA, please go to Convert listings to Fulfilled by Amazon.

How does Send to Amazon provide quantity recommendations? Why is it important?

Send to Amazon uses systems from Restock Inventory Management (RIM) methodology to provide you with the quantities that need to be restocked and where it needs to be sent. STA recommendations will ensure that your inventory is at the right Fulfilment Centres to offer faster delivery to customers, increase chances of better sales and healthy inventory for your FBA listings.

Can I change the recommended quantities provided by Send to Amazon?

Yes, you can change the quantities that you would like to send by clicking ‘view/modify’ button in Step 1: Choose inventory to send.

Is Send to Amazon available in Amazon Marketplace Web Service?

No, at this time, Send to Amazon is available only in Seller Central.

Can I merge shipments?

Shipments created through Send to Amazon cannot be merged with any other shipment.

What is prep and labelling?

For each packing template, we need to know how your items are prepped and labelled, and whether you or Amazon are prepping and labelling individual units. If prep instructions are known for your SKU, then they will be displayed in Prep dialogue box on Step 1: Choose your inventory. If they are not known, then select them when you are on the Prep dialogue box on Step 1. For more information, please go to Prepare products to be shipped with Amazon.

If your SKU is eligible to ship with a Manufacturer barcode, then you may not have to label individual items. To learn more, please go to Manufacturer barcode to track inventory.

Can I schedule a delivery appointment at fulfilment centres in the Send to Amazon workflow?

No, Amazon does not allow general public deliveries. Only professional carriers are allowed to make delivery appointments at fulfilment centres through Carrier Central.

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