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How are referral fees calculated?

Sellers pay a Referral Fee on each item sold.

For all products, Amazon deducts a percentage of the total sales price (including any delivery or gift wrap charges) as a referral fee. The referral fee percentage varies by category. Sellers also pay a variable closing fee for each media product sold.

For a list of referral fees by category, see Selling on Amazon Fee Schedule.

You can also view more details about your fees with the Detailed Fee Explainer.


This example shows how fees are calculated:

Sales price of the item + Delivery costs + Gift wrap costs +  - Referral Fee (applicable percentage of the total sales price including any delivery or gift wrap costs and VAT/import duties applicable to the category) ------------------------------------- = Total deposited to seller account

Note: Sellers on the Professional selling plan can download a Referral Fee Preview report with information about estimated referral fee amounts based on current listed item prices. Estimates do not account for delivery or gift wrap charges applied at the time of purchase. For more information, see How to Read a Referral Fee Preview Report.
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