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Fine Art

Examples of Permitted Listings

Remember: All listings and products must comply with all laws and regulations.

Accurate data is crucial to discoverability and sales in the Amazon Fine Art Store. Providing a clear and concise listing while also following a consistent format will keep customers better- informed and enhance discoverability of art works.

Sellers are required to obtain approval from the business team before listing artwork under the “Fine Art” category. For more information, see "General Seller Requirements" under the Fine Art page .

Types of art works that might be listed in the Amazon Fine Art Store:

  • One-of-a-kind paintings, watercolours, drawings and two-dimensional mixed media
  • A print or photograph that is available in limited editions with the following requirements:
    • In an edition of 200 or less
    • The only edition of the work published in that size (the same image can also have editions of up to 200 in other sizes)
    • The prints should be numbered (X/XX) and signed, or accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and stating the number of the print (X/XX)
    • Artist proofs or color test proofs (CTP) are allowed for editions of less than 200
  • Secondary-sale works (artwork with a sales history), where the works must be authenticated by the seller. The seller must have proof of purchase or title for the work and provide it to the buyer. Listings should include provenance (with sales history) where applicable.

Examples of Prohibited Listings

Reminder: All listings and products must comply with all laws and regulations.

The following types of art works are prohibited and must not be listed in the Amazon Fine Art Store:

  • Three dimensional artwork, such as sculptures
  • Textile or anthropological or archaeological-based art
  • Products that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance or promote organizations with such views
  • Crime scene Paintings/ Prints
  • Morgue or autopsy Paintings/ Prints
  • Products related to terrorist activities including sale of images or items relating to current criminals, prisoners, or any terrorist outfits, etc.
  • Products that depict children (including boys, girls, baby) and youth (including boys, girls) in a sexually suggestive manner or a manner that encourages child sex acts, child nudity, child profanity, child drug use or profanity.
  • Graphic pornographic or nude paintings/ prints
  • Products that promote xenophobia and hate against immigrant and refugee groups
  • Paintings/ Prints that are not legally approved for sale or reproduction of artwork that violate any copyright.
  • Paintings/ Prints that Amazon deems offensive are prohibited from listing on Amazon reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of listings on its site, and remove any listing at any time.
  • Painting epigraph or other art works which are 'antiques' (that is, has been in existence for not less than one hundred years)
  • Paintings/ Prints that are declared as 'art treasures' by Central Government notification in the Official Gazette
  • Artwork without a named artist
  • Artwork that is a mass-produced or commercial work that has been hand-painted (also called "brush to canvas")
  • Artwork that was created as a reproduction of an existing work; the artist did not deliberately make more than one version of the same artwork even if there is a named artist or the artwork otherwise meets the requirements above
  • Promotional posters or advertisements even if they otherwise meet the requirements mentioned above
  • Artwork in a limited edition that consists of any of the following:
    • Estate signed or estate editions
    • Plate signed editions
    • Creative Commons images or editions (CC)
    • An edition of over 200, even if numbered and hand signed or otherwise meeting the requirements above
    • Open editions, even if hand signed or otherwise meeting the requirements above
  • Products related to art, but that are not artworks themselves (for example, books about or containing art, posters of artwork, artwork printed on clothing, and decorative mouse pads)

Additional Useful Information

  • Trade Marks Act, 1999
  • The Patents Act, 1970
  • The Designs Act, 2000
  • Copyright Act, 1957
  • Antiquities and Art Treasures Act, 1972
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