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Overview of Categories

Why do we require approval to sell in certain categories or product types on Amazon?

Customer safety is of paramount importance to Amazon. Customers need to be confident that they will find a comprehensive selection of safe, reliable and compliant products on For certain product types, categories and brands, Amazon might require additional documents, performance checks and other qualifications.

The product type and categories listed below currently require approval. If you want to sell in these product types or categories, then please refer to the Best Practices section below while requesting for approval against the respective ASIN. Remember that approval to sell restricted products on Amazon depends on multiple factors that include your account health, and submission of these documents may not be sufficient for approval.

Application Status: To check the status of an application, please go to the Selling Application dashboard.

If we request for additional information to complete your application, then please be sure to respond within 14 days.

Overview of Product types and Categories requiring approval

Important: The Miscellaneous product category has been discontinued.
Product Type Example of Products Reseller Requirements Manufacturer Requirements
Cook Tools Blenders, food processors, slow cookers

1. Invoice

2. Images showing all sides of your product or packaging

Images showing all sides of your product or packaging
Baby Activity Gear Baby walker, etc.
Baby Diapering Baby diapers, Baby nappies
Baby Strollers and Carriers Pushchairs, baby strollers/pram
Baby Topicals Baby shampoo, baby cream
Kids and Baby Furniture Cots, playpens
Radio Controlled Toys Radio controlled cars or planes
Learning Toys Puzzle toys or electronic toys for learning
Infant Toys Toys for infants or toddlers
Outdoor and Sports Toys Dart guns, soft balls
Toy Building Blocks Play bricks, construction toys
Car Seats Car seats for vehicles or aeroplanes
Feminine Hygiene Tampons, feminine wipes
Medical Supplies and Equipment Thermometer, blood pressure meters
Topicals Cosmetics, lotions, soaps
Helmets Helmets, hard hats and face shields
Pet Care Pet food, pet grooming products
Personal Safety & Household Face masks, hand sanitisers, hygienic alcohol, disinfecting wipes and sprays
Dietary Supplements

Health supplements,

Herbal teas

For FSSAI-licensed products

1. Invoice

2. Food declaration

3. FSSAI Licence

4. Display of your valid FSSAI licence number on seller storefront

For Ayush-licensed products

1. Invoice

2. Ayush drug licence for Ayurveda products

For FSSAI-licensed products

1. Food declaration

2. FSSAI Licence

3. Display of your valid FSSAI licence number on the seller storefront.

For Ayush-licensed Products

Ayush drug licence for Ayurveda products

Baby Food Baby cereal, baby health drinks, other baby food

1. Invoice

2. Food Declaration

3. FSSAI Licence

4. Images showing all sides of your product or packaging


Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Licence

1. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Manufacturing Licence/BIS CML - Certification Marks Licence

2. FSSAI Licence

3. Food Declaration

Silver Jewellery Silver bangles, pendants Invoice and Silver Purity Certificate Silver Purity Certificate
Major Appliances ACs, refrigerators, washing machines and dish washers Major appliances details Major appliances details
Grocery & Gourmet Food & beverage products, dry fruits, chocolates Grocery requirements Grocery requirements
Music CDs, DVDs Invoice Licences for rights owners
Brands/ASIN -- Invoice AND/OR Brand Letter of Authorisation --

Best practices

The following documents will not be accepted:

  1. Invoices with less than 10 units of the product(s) that you are requesting to sell.
  2. Invoices that are more than 180 days old from the date of application.
  3. Invoices that do not include your business information.
  4. Invoices that are physically or digitally altered.
  5. Invoices that do not include verifiable contact information for the supplier or distributor.
  6. Pro-Forma Invoices – Quote or estimated invoice sent in advance of a shipment.
  7. Sales or Purchase Orders – An order for units of product sent by the purchasing company.
  8. Receipts or Order Confirmations – Confirmation that an order was made, whether in a physical store or through an online retailer.
  9. Invoices that do not include the product(s) that you are requesting for approval to sell.
  10. Invoices issued by import-export companies.

Product packaging pictures: Amazon requires a set of pictures of the physical product or its packaging which reflects each side of the product or packaging to ensure that it meets labelling requirements. The text on the product or packaging must be clearly visible in the images.

Amazon does not accept mock-up label designs, computer-generated images or catalogue images for the purpose of verification.

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Licence: BIS certification is a means for providing guarantee of quality, safety and reliability of products to the customer. The Government of India has made BIS certification mandatory for certain products taking into consideration public health and safety. Please refer to for more information.

FSSAI Licence: Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) registration is a mandatory compliance that ensures the safety of food products supplied or manufactured by various establishments in India. It is a food safety certificate issued by the respective food authority of India. For more information, please go to

Note: As per FSSAI licensing regulations, it is mandatory for a seller to display the FSSAI licence number on an e-commerce platform. To learn how to display your valid FSSAI licence number, please go to Food and Beverage.

Ayush Licence: Ayush licence is required for selling Ayurvedic or herbal products in India, and the licence can be obtained from AYUSH regulated by the Ministry of AYUSH.

Disclaimer: The above document descriptions are for reference purpose and actual requirements may vary. You can confirm the requirements by clicking "Apply to sell" or “Request approval” option against the respective ASIN. We recommend that you review the Selling Policies and Seller Code of Conduct and Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions Help pages before you start selling on Amazon.

*Currently, we may not accept selling applications for certain products, and you may not get the Request Approval option for those products.

If you still have any queries, then please contact us for more information.

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