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Amazon Selling Coach

Amazon Selling Coach offers personalised recommendations to guide you in maximising your effectiveness as an Amazon seller. We look at your seller profile and listings, and then we give you suggestions tailored to your business. We list the suggestions in the order we think you'll find most helpful, but feel free to follow them up in any order you like. As we identify opportunities, we will notify you in several ways.

To see our suggestions, click the links in the Selling Coach box on the right-hand side of your Seller Account home page. You can also reach the suggestions from the Amazon Selling Coach link in the Reports section.

Visit this page regularly for more suggestions on getting started. Over time we'll include tips on things like how to help customers find your products, and how to attract more buyers.

We are always looking for ways to help you increase your success as a seller on Amazon. Amazon Selling Coach offers personalised recommendations to guide you in maximising your effectiveness as a seller. As we identify opportunities, we will notify you in several ways:

Amazon Selling Coach in Seller Central

Find this feature on your seller account home page.More information is available on the Selling Coach page.

Email recommendations

You can create and verify the email address under which you will receive your Amazon Selling Coach notifications, as well as setting other notification preferences, under Setting Your Notification Preferences. You can also find all of your Amazon Selling Coach emails on the Amazon Selling Coach Communication page. You can receive email recommendations in your home marketplace language, English, or simplified Chinese. Learn more.

Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS)

Important: You must be an Amazon MWS developer in order to send a Reports request.

You can download your recommendations in bulk from Amazon Marketplace Web Services (Amazon MWS). Learn more.


Amazon Selling Coach notifies you about the following types of opportunities. For a more detailed list of notifications, from Seller Central, select Reports, then Amazon Selling Coach, then click the Email Settings tab.

Inventory Opportunities

Based on your recent inventory and sales data, certain products that you offer may have lower than optimal stock. Now would be a good time to consider restocking, to avoid running out of stock and risking pre-fulfilment cancellations. (Our inventory projections are based on your sales over the past seven days.)

Product Opportunities

Increase your selection on Amazon by adding listings for these products, which customers have recently shown interest in and which have limited availability on Amazon. You can set your recommendation preferences to include or exclude brands, categories, or specific products. Since you have listed similar products in the past, we want to let you know of this customer interest and help you identify valuable growth opportunities for your business.

Fulfilment Opportunities

We want to make you aware of a high level of customer interest in products you offer that currently are not offered through Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). If you offer these products through FBA, they may become eligible for free shipping, Amazon Prime, or other FBA benefits that customers love.

Low Price Opportunities

Many sellers have told us that they would like to be informed when there are comparable offers with lower prices. The Match Low Price feature considers the lowest price currently available for active listings on Amazon.

Listings to Fix

Our experience shows that complete listings are easier for customers to find, evaluate, and purchase:

  • Failed Listings: If an attempt to create a new listing fails, you can review and fix listing errors by using the Fix Failed Listings tool.
  • Listing Quality: If your listings have quality alerts, you can use the Improve Listing Quality tool to add missing information.

Preferred language for your notifications

You can choose which email recommendations you receive and in which language you want to receive them. Learn more.

Amazon Selling Coach

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