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Sellers eligible to win the Buy Box

Sellers who are eligible to win the Buy Box are sellers who have met performance-based requirements. Sellers must maintain their performance levels in order to remain eligible. Eligible sellers gain placement advantages for their listings on Their listings are eligible to compete for the Buy Box and listings that do not win the Buy Box are eligible for placement in the More Buying Choices box. Amazon does not guarantee placement in either of these locations. Customers can find listings that do not win the Buy Box or placement in the More Buying Choices box when they click the "used & new" link at the bottom of the More Buying Choices box.

Note: If there are no used listings, the link will say "new".

Requirements to become an eligible seller

Sellers are evaluated based on factors that have been carefully chosen in an effort to give customers the best shopping experience. Sellers are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Performance Metrics: To ensure that customers have a great experience, your Order Defect Rate, Cancellation Rate, and Late Shipment Rate are metrics that determine eligibility. The better you perform, the higher your chances are of becoming eligible for the Featured Offer. See how you are doing on the Account Health page.
  • Quality of products, which is measured by metrics like Seller Controllable Return Rate (Returns and Refunds due to product related issues) and Product Rating given by customers.
  • Order volume: To ensure that Amazon can accurately assess your performance, we require that you have sufficient order volume.

A seller's eligibility to win the Buy Box may change over time based on the seller's performance against the eligibility criteria mentioned above and the criteria is subject to change. Sustained seller performance will help achieve, and preserve, a seller's eligibility to win the Buy Box.

Note: We do not disclose the exact metrics and volume thresholds to protect customers from abuse.

How do I check if my listings are eligible to win Buy Box?

You can find out if any of your listings are eligible to win Buy Bux:

  1. In Seller Central, go to your Manage Inventory page and then click Preferences.
  2. Select Buy Box Eligible, and at the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.

The Buy Box Eligible column will display the status for each of your ASINs.

Best practices to become Buy Box eligible

If you are not currently an eligible seller, you can work towards becoming one by improving your Performance Metrics and Seller Controllable Return Rate. These metrics can be improved by maintaining high-standards over time, which helps develop customer trust. The following best practices can help you develop such customer trust.

  • List accurately: Carefully title, describe and categorize items and their conditions to avoid customer confusion.
  • Ship accurately: Customers might leave negative feedback if they receive the wrong item. Build reliable fulfilment and shipping procedures to prevent this.
  • Ship on time: Customers expect to receive their orders by the estimated delivery dates. Ship order with enough time to meet or beat the estimated delivery date then confirm shipment to avoid unnecessary cancelled orders. If you are not going to make the estimated delivery date, notify your customer straight away, even for issues outside of your control (for example, a natural disaster or carrier issue).
  • Communicate with customers: Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than not knowing the status of their order. Notify customers when an order is delayed and respond quickly to customer contacts requesting order updates. The right communication at the right time can help build trust between you and the customer.
  • Provide excellent customer service: Provide post-transaction support (refunds, returns, and exchanges) to help ensure customer satisfaction.

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