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How to preview your fees

Fee Preview enables you to search for, view and understand the estimated fulfilment fees for products in your inventory. It is only an estimate and actual costs may vary. Fee Preview does not take into account the taxes applicable on the fees (i.e. 18.00% GST) and the same would be applicable on the final fees determined by us.

To help you better understand your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) fees, we have created Fee Preview, a set of tools that enables you to search for, view, and understand the estimated fulfillment fees for products in your inventory. You can access this estimate on either the Manage FBA Inventory page or the Manage Inventory page in the column titled Fee Preview, which has a click-activated popover with a breakdown of the various anticipated fee components.

This information can also be viewed in the Fee Preview report, which can be found under Reports>Fulfillment by Amazon>Payment reports.

The Fee Preview column showcases the core fees for Selling on Amazon and Fulfillment by Amazon for this product, excluding VAT. The Fee Preview is only an estimate and does not include all fees that may apply. The fees shown are based on the list price, estimated shipping cost (where applicable), and available data for the product in our system. Actual fees may vary and are subject to change.

Note: You can only use Fee Preview for products that have dimensions. If you have not entered the dimensions for your products, you will not be able to preview your fees.

Optional services not included in Fee Preview

The Fee Preview number includes only core fees for fulfillment and selling on Amazon. It does not include fees for optional services such as:

  • Inventory Storage
  • Long-Term Storage
  • Amazon Partnered Carriers
  • Inventory Removal (Returns and Disposals)
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