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Recommended Removals

The Recommended Removals Report enables you to identify which units in Amazon fulfilment centres are at risk of being charged the Long-Term Storage Fee at the time of the next Inventory assessment date, and helps create a removal order to have those Units returned. This report will automatically calculate on an ASIN-by-ASIN basis the quantity you would need to remove (assuming no further sales of your inventory) to avoid the Long-Term Storage Fee. You can then click the "Begin Removal Process" button to pre-populate a removal order request for those Units you choose to have returned or disposed of.

The report only shows 150 products per page view.
The report also enables you to filter by ASIN or Merchant SKU to narrow your search.

Learn more about Long-Term Storage fee here.

Begin Removal Process

When you click the "Begin Removal Process" button, a removal order will be created for all units of the products listed (up to 150 products) in the current view. From there you can do any of the following before submitting the removal request:

  • Change the quantity of each product to be returned
  • Remove products from the list
  • Add other products to the list

Note:If your report spans multiple page views, you can create a separate removal order request for each page view.

Field Names

Online Header

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Example Value



Report data is current as of the date in this field.




Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) are unique blocks of letters or numbers that identify your products. SKUs are assigned by you as the seller.




Unique identifier assigned by Amazon to products stored in and fulfilled from an Amazon fulfilment centre.




Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) are unique blocks of 10 letters or numbers that identify products. ASINs are assigned by Amazon. You can find the ASIN on the product detail page.




The title of your product.

Toysmith Nonstick Bakeware Set



The condition of your product.


Total Sellable Quantity


The number of Units you have for a SKU in sellable condition in our fulfilment network.


Sellable Inventory Age 271-365 Days


The number of sellable Units you have for a SKU that have been in the fulfilment centre for the last 271 – 365 days.


Sellable Inventory Age 365+ Days


The number of sellable Units you have for a SKU that have been in the fulfilment centre for the last 365+ days.


Recommended Removal  Quantity (Sellable)


The number of sellable Units you have for a SKU that will have been in the fulfilment centre for more than six months on the next Inventory assessment date for LTSF and need to be removed (assuming no further sales) to avoid the Long-Term Storage Fee.


Total Unsellable Quantity


The number of unsellable units you have for a SKU in our fulfillment network.


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