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Error 8560

Troubleshooting error 8560

The error 8560 appears when there is an issue with your product ID. The issue can be fixed by following the steps below:

Cause Solution
Invalid values in the inventory template Make sure that your product ID is correct.
  1. Check character requirements. For example, UPCs have 12 digits, EANs have 13 digits, and ISBNs have 10. Learn more about UPC by clicking here.
  2. Validate your product ID from the authorised GS1 website.
  3. If you have applied for UPC exemption, make sure to use the same brand name for the specific feed product type in which exemption has been given. Update your data and resubmit.
Missing required fields in the inventory template Make sure that all required fields are complete.
  1. Use the correct inventory file template for your product category.
  2. Make sure that the Category (feed_product_type) field is correct and corresponds to the brand name for which exemption has been granted.
  3. The external product ID and external product ID type needs to be filled if you have products codes like UPC/ EAN/ISBN. In case you have got approval for UPC exemptions, leave the boxes empty.
  4. If your products do not have UPC or barcodes, you can apply for exemption, by clicking here. Wait for 2-3 hours after receiving the exemption, before you get started with the listings.
  5. Update your data and resubmit.
Product ID doesn't match any ASINs Either fix an incorrect product ID or create a new ASIN.
  1. Check the character requirements for your product ID. For example, UPCs have 12 digits, EANs have 13 digits, and ISBNs have 10.
  2. Check for conformity with industry standards using an online resource like a UPC validation tool.
  3. If you need to fix an incorrect product ID, update your data and resubmit.
  4. If your product ID is correct and it is new to the Amazon catalogue, you need to create a new ASIN. Fill the required fields in your inventory template and resubmit.

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