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Shipment Creation Workflow

Watch the "How to Create a Shipment to Amazon Fulfilment Centres" Video Tutorial

The Shipment Creation Workflow allows you to create a shipment to our fulfilment centres in six easy steps:

  1. Set Quantity
  2. Prepare Products
  3. Label Products
  4. Preview Shipments
  5. Prepare Shipments
  6. View Summary

First, you need to choose the products in your inventory that you want to ship to Amazon. You can do this either from the Manage FBA Inventory page or from the Manage Inventory page.

Select each product that you want to ship, and then select Send/Replenish from the Apply to Selected Item(s) drop-down menu on Manage FBA Inventory page or the Actions drop-down menu on the Manage Inventory page. You will then be directed to the Set Quantity page where you will make the following decisions:

  • Create a new Shipping Plan or Add to an Existing Shipping plan: If you have existing shipping plans, then you can quickly choose an open plan from the drop-down menu once you select Add to an Existing Shipping Plan.
  • Confirm your ship-from address: If it is correct, then you do not need to do anything. Otherwise you can choose the Ship from another address link and enter in a new ship-from address.
  • View capacity limits carefully before planning the shipment: You can view capacity limits assigned to you across all eligible fulfilment centres on the storage monitor present on the bottom of the page. To refer capacity limits assigned to you for each eligible fulfilment centre, please go to View Storage Report.
  • Confirm your Ship To destination: Ship To drop-down will display all fulfilment centres where you are registered and eligible to send your shipments. Choose your desired destination fulfilment centre from the drop-down. As soon as you choose desired fulfilment centre, storage monitor on the bottom of the page will be updated to display capacity limits available for you for the specific fulfilment centre.
  • Choose which packing type you are shipping to Amazon: You can select either individual products or case-packed products. For more information, please go to packing types.

When building or modifying a shipment in the Shipping workflow, it is important to enter the correct carton quantity of the shipment and correct quantity of units that you are shipping to Amazon for each SKU. Providing accurate quantities is required and will help to prevent delays in processing your inventory. Failure to comply with Amazon policies may result in the denial of reimbursement claims.

Once you have made your choices, please click Continue to shipping plan button to begin the workflow.

To download the step-by-step instructions for the new Shipment Creation Workflow, please go to Shipment Creation Workflow.

Shipment Level Checklist for Seller Premise

To assist you with creating your shipment, we encourage you to download and use the Shipment Level Checklist while preparing your products and shipment for FBA.

Important: Please review Requirements for Stock Transfer Notes and Delivery Challans before shipping your units to the Amazon fulfilment centre.

Fulfilment Centre Capabilities

Please refer to FBA overview help page in order to understand the fulfilment centre capabilities.

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