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Reconcile your shipment

Is your shipment eligible for investigation?

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To be eligible for research, your shipment must meet the following conditions:

Condition Details
Proof of Delivery Use the Upload Documents section on the Reconcile tab to upload a bill of lading (BOL) showing the number of boxes in the shipment and the total weight when it was picked up by the carrier. The document must be stamped by Amazon confirming that the shipment was received and signed for at the fulfilment centre
All boxes of one shipment have been received If you sent your shipment in multiple boxes, then they may be delivered to our fulfilment centres at different times. Amazon cannot begin researching discrepancies until all of the boxes in your shipment have arrived and been received.
Shipment eligibility date has been reached

Your shipment will be eligible for investigation on or after the date shown in the Reconcile section of your Shipment Summary.

Waiting until that date helps to ensure that the products in your shipment have had enough time to be processed and, if necessary, shipped to other fulfilment centres.

Request was submitted within 60 days of delivery

After delivery of your shipment, please notify us of any discrepancies in the shipment within 60 days of arrival at the fulfilment centre, to give our researchers the opportunity to search for your missing units.

After this time has passed, we will no longer accept a request for reconciliation on missing units, in accordance with the FBA Lost and Damaged Inventory Reimbursement Policy.

Located unit messages

The discrepancy column is the difference between the units expected and the units located, which can be found under the Units expected / Units located column. By hovering over the units located number, you will be able to find additional information about the received and reconciled units.

Units Located Messages Description
Received These products are accounted for through the standard receiving process. The received quantity is displayed on the Shipment Contents tab.
Reconciled When possible, we investigate product discrepancies automatically, and add or remove the reconciled units from your shipment.
Reimbursed If Amazon accepts responsibility for lost or damaged products, then they are accounted for as reimbursements. Reimbursement amounts are listed on the Transactions View tab of the Payments report.

Status messages

The status column is used to understand the state of each product in your shipment to Amazon.

Status Messages Description
Receiving The product is being received.
Action required The product has a discrepancy that is eligible for research. Every product with this status must have an option selected before you can preview and submit the research request.
Units located. No action required The product does not have a discrepancy, since it was received in full or has been reconciled automatically. No action is necessary.
Pending dangerous goods (Hazmat) review To ensure that the inventory in our fulfilment centres is safe for customers and transport, your products may be reviewed for compliance with our requirements for dangerous goods. While these products are under review, they cannot be received at the fulfilment centre. Learn more about the FBA dangerous goods review process.
Investigation completed - shipment contents counted and confirmed Amazon has investigated the delivered boxes or pallets and associated units, and the received units have been confirmed at our fulfilment centres. These products are no longer eligible for research. If you have information that helps us to locate any of these units that are missing, then please contact Selling Partner Support.
Case submitted The product has already been submitted for research using the Contents tab, so no further action is required.
Claim window expired The claim window has expired for the shipment as per the FBA-FC Damaged Inventory Reimbursement Policy .
Automatically closed after 90 days The shipment was automatically closed. For more information, please go to Track your shipment (Shipping Queue).

Request research

Products in the shipment that are eligible for additional research will have “Action required” options for you to select from, in the Status column. Every product with a status of “Action required” must have an option selected before you can preview and submit the research request.

Action required options Description
Units not shipped You have confirmed that you or your supplier did not ship these units or shipped a different product instead.
Research missing units You have confirmed that these units were included in your shipment, and you need Amazon to research further.
Extra units shipped You have confirmed that you or your supplier included extra units or a different product than what was originally recorded on your shipment.
Research extra units You have confirmed that these units were not included in your shipment, and you need Amazon to research further.
Note: Before submitting a request for research, please reconcile any discrepancies in your shipment by confirming if units were not shipped or extra units were shipped. After a research request has been submitted, Amazon will confirm the quantities received and attempt to reconcile units not shipped with extra units shipped. These reconciliations will not affect your available inventory.

Upload documents

Use the Choose File button to select all documents and the Upload button to attach documents to the research request. Certain documents are required for Amazon to research the discrepancies; uploading them will help Amazon to resolve the research request as quickly as possible.

Amazon requires the following documents to be submitted with the research request:

  • Proof of inventory ownership: Proof of inventory ownership will help to identify any potential discrepancies that may have occurred. Some examples of acceptable documents are an invoice from a supplier, receipt from another seller, or signed packing slip if you are a manufacturer. The following information must be provided:
    • Date of purchase
    • Product names matching the missing products
    • Quantity
  • Proof of Delivery: For LTL or FTL shipments, a bill of lading showing the number of boxes in the shipment and the total weight when it was picked up by the carrier. The document must be stamped by Amazon confirming that the shipment was received and signed for at the fulfilment centre. Your carrier should have a copy of this document. This information helps to verify that the entire shipment was picked up and shipped as expected.

Tip: If you provided a receipt or invoice as proof of inventory ownership, then the price that you paid for the items is not required and may be hidden or obscured.

Provide additional information

For any additional discrepancies, you can ask Selling Partner Support to investigate. Describe the discrepancy in the form provided. This information helps Amazon to complete the research and resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Information type example Description
Any known discrepancies Did you or your supplier ship more or fewer units than what you originally expected? Did you or your supplier ship the wrong product?
A description of the shipping boxes Our team does a physical check of the fulfilment centre, so information about the colour, size, or any distinguishing marks on your shipping boxes can help us to find them more quickly.
Product codes Verify the UPC, EAN or JAN on your products. Does it match with the product code shown in Seller Central?
Any prep activity that was missed An item that was not properly prepped before being shipped can cause delays in the receiving process, as we must prep the item for you.

Preview and submit your request

After you have classified the discrepancies remaining on your shipment, click Preview your request, review the information, and if everything is correct, then click Submit Request. The submission will create a case with Selling Partner Support for the products that require research.

After submitting the request, you will be provided with a case number, which will also be shown in the Shipment Reconciliation tool when you next visit the page. You can watch for status updates and communications by clicking on the case number or going directly to your Case Log.

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