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Amazon Seller Central Partner Network FAQ

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For service, service partner or related queries, please contact us using any of the following methods:

Contact Selling Partner Support: Contact us > Products and inventory > Investigate other product, listings, inventory issues

Q: What is Service Guarantee?

Service Guarantee is a seller protection programme that helps to set the right expectations between the service partner and a seller for a service regarding the delivery or fulfilment of a service order. A participating service partner agrees to meet a minimum set of service delivery parameters to get enrolled in the programme. The service partner establishes these minimum guarantee parameters which are highlighted on their profile page under ‘Show details’ and they may vary from partner to partner. Once a service partner is enrolled in the programme, a ‘Service Guarantee’ badge is displayed on their profile page.

To know more about the programme, please click here.

Q: Who are these service partners?

A: Service partners are empanelled third-parties trained to provide specific services to Amazon sellers. Sellers are free to set their own terms of service with service partners. The performance is guaranteed by service partners. Amazon acts as a facilitator between sellers and service partners only.

Q: Is it a paid service?

A: Yes, service partners will charge you based on the work undertaken. Service Partners offer special rates and promotions to Amazon sellers from time to time. Sellers need to pay the service partners directly.

Q: What if I am not happy with the output or have any disagreement with the service partner?

A: You are required to clearly establish the terms of the service and the Service Guarantee with the service partner. Recourse for unsatisfactory output includes redoing work or asking for refund as per the terms of your understanding with the service partners. You may reach out to Amazon Seller Central Partner Network team using seller support (Contact us > Products and inventory > Investigate other product, listings, inventory issues) or raising a claim through the feedback e-mail sent after the completion of the service and share your feedback with us. Amazon Seller Central Partner Network team will intimate the service partner who will then take up the issue directly with you. We encourage all users of services to leave ratings and reviews in Amazon Seller Central Partner Network.

Q: When can I raise a claim under Service Guarantee programme?

A: If you are unhappy because the service performed by the service partner has not been completed as agreed, and you have raised this issue with the service partner but have failed to resolve the same with the service partner, then you may raise a claim with Amazon under the Service Guarantee programme. Thereafter, Amazon will conduct an investigation on such claim raised, in a manner determined in its sole discretion, and communicate the decision regarding the claim. A claim raised by the seller under the Service Guarantee will only be considered if the below mentioned conditions have been fulfilled:

  • The service partner providing services to you has enrolled into the Service Guarantee programme and has an ‘Service Guarantee’ badge displayed on their Detail Page.
  • The claim is raised by the seller within 30 days from the date of completion of the Service by the service partner.
  • Service Guarantee is currently only available for India.

Q: How do I raise a claim under the Service Guarantee?

A: You may raise a claim with Amazon against the service partner (who has provided services to you) by clicking on the claim link provided in the feedback e-mail sent to you by Amazon. If you have not received the claim link, then please contact the Selling Partner Support (Contact us > Products and inventory > Investigate other product, listings, inventory issues) to raise a claim. While raising a claim with Amazon, you will have to provide certain basic details, such as:

  • a) name of the service partner who has offered the services to you,
  • b) transaction invoice or payment receipt for payment made to the service partner for the services,
  • c) scope of services agreed between you and the service partner, and
  • d) any other document as may be required by Amazon relating to the services for which the claim is being raised.

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