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Fix Stranded Inventory

Stranded inventory refers to FBA inventory in fulfilment centres that do not have an associated active offer, and as a result, are not available for purchase by customers on Amazon.

If you have stranded inventory, a Fix Stranded Inventory link appears at the top of the Manage Inventory page. If you do not see this link, you do not have stranded inventory.

Fix stranded inventory

For more detailed information about specific ASINs listed on the Fix Stranded Inventory page, see Stranded Inventory report (overview).

You can fix stranded inventory in one of the following ways:

  • Change to Fulfiled by Amazon: If you have a listing, but it is a product that you fulfil yourself, none of your FBA inventory for that product will be available for sale. In this case, use the “Change to Fulfiled by Amazon” tool to make these listings FBA. If you want to fulfil orders for this product yourself and through FBA, you need two separate listings, one for each method.
  • Relist: If the listing exists but is not active, select Relist and make sure the Fulfiled By column is set to Amazon. If the Relist option is not available, there may be a problem with your listing.
Note: When re-listing a product or creating a new listing, the following information must match the units in your FBA inventory:
  • ASIN
  • Condition
  • Merchant SKU

If these fields do not match, a second product will be added to your inventory that is not associated with the existing inventory.

If you see a message indicating that your product is already listed but needs to be edited, click the provided link to update your listing.

  • Relist stranded inventory in bulk: You can use the Bulk Stranded Inventory Report to identify, update and relist all of your stranded inventory at once by using a tab-delimited (.txt) file to Seller Central. For more information, see the Bulk Fix Stranded Inventory help page.
  • Create a listing: If a listing is incomplete or doesn't exist, complete or create the listing. For more information, see the Add a Product Tool: Overview page.
  • Create Removal Order: If you want the inventory returned to you or disposed of, select Create Removal Order. For more information, see How to Create a Removal Order.

For other listing errors, see Troubleshoot No Listing Exist Error

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