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Ad groups

Ad groups are a way to organize and manage ads within a campaign. You can use ad groups to group your ads by brand, product, category, price range, or other classifications like theme or targeting strategy.

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Each campaign consists of one or more ad groups. The first ad group is created when you create a campaign. You can add more ad groups to the campaign after you've saved it.

We recommend creating ad groups with products that are in the same category. This helps optimize your bidding strategy, relevancy, and targeting.

You set a bid that is used when an ad group's keyword or product targeting triggers an ad to appear. This is called a cost-per-click (CPC) bid.

For Sponsored Products campaigns, you can also set bids for individual keyword or product targets within the ad group. In auto-targeted campaigns, you can apply a single bid to the whole ad group. In manual-targeted campaigns, you can select a common group of keyword or product targets to all the products within the ad group.

Use the following best practices when you're setting up your ad groups:

  • Ad group name: Assign an ad group name that is descriptive and meaningful to you. Ad group names must be unique within a campaign, but you can use the same ad group name in different campaigns. Your ad group name will only be used for display purposes in the campaign manager and will not be visible to shoppers.
  • Products: Select the products from your inventory to include in your ad group. Each of the products that you select will be displayed as an ad.
    • Keyword or product targeting, and bids apply to all products within an ad group, so we recommend choosing products that are closely related to each other. When creating an ad group with manual targeting, we recommend you add as many similar products to the ad group as you can. More products in your ad group increases the likelihood of receiving ad impressions because the products share the same keywords in your ad group.
    • You can add new products to an existing ad group at any time. To add products, select the ad group and go to the Products page. Click Add products, and you will see your list of eligible products to add to the ad group. You can add 1,000 products to an ad group at a time.
  • Keyword or product targeting: For Sponsored Products campaigns you can use Amazon’s suggested keywords, your own keywords, negative keywords, or target by product.
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