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Create a Removal Order using Flat File Method

  • Pick-up removals are temporarily disabled. Take advantage of the 'Ship to address/Return' standard removals. Learn more about pick-up removal fees.
  • For Mini FCs (any FC Code that starts with letter 'S'), place a 'Ship to address/Return' removal order and visit the Fulfilment Centre to collect your order. More information can be found here.

You can request for removal of your inventory stored in Amazon's Fulfilment Centres using the Bulk-Upload Option. To upload a flat file, please visit the Upload a Removal Order File page.

Alternatively, you can also navigate directly from the Create Removal Order page by clicking on the Upload Flat File button present on the left-hand side of the page.

Follow these steps to use the flat file upload option:

Download the flat file template and provide details.

  1. On the Create Removal Order page, click the Download Template button.
  2. When the popup appears, click to open the file in Excel format.
  3. The Removal Order Template contains a number of tabs. You can view the Removal Data Definitions tab to understand the accepted values for each label. You can also view the Example tab that has the prefilled sample values.
  4. Click the Removal Request tab and fill in the details of the removals as described below:

    1. Make sure that the Merchant Removal Order ID does not exceed 10 characters and is alphanumeric.
    2. You can put 'return', 'expeditedreturn' or 'pickup' as the Removal Disposition based on the removal method that you want to choose.
    3. Specify the correct name, address, phone number and other mandatory fields highlighted in bold.
    4. Enter the destination GST number (Mandatory). For more information, click here.
    5. RemoveFromFCCode is an optional field. The acceptable value for this field is one registered FC code from which removal is desired. If this field is left blank, removal is created at the network level, i.e. the system allocates the appropriate FC to create a removal. Click here to learn about the FC codes. You can also refer to Daily Inventory History Fulfilment Report for FC location by inventory as on the previous day.
    6. Specify the ASIN/FNSKU for which you would like to create a removal order, and specify the quantity details.
  5. After entering all the relevant information in the template, you need to save it on the local system in .txt (Tab-Delimited) file format.

Upload the Flat file to Place the Removal Order

  1. Go to the Upload a Removal Order File page.
  2. Click the Browse button to locate the filled-in removals template (the .txt file) that you had saved earlier.
  3. Click the Upload Now button to submit the flat file. (You can view the status of submission in the “Review File Status and History” section.)
  4. Once the Removal Order file has been successfully submitted for processing, the newly created Removal Order will appear in the Manage-Orders section in Seller Central.

Order Summary

The Order Summary page provides a view of the items you have submitted for removal. To view this page, go to Manage Orders and click the Order ID. This enables you to monitor the status of your removal order or cancel an order.

  • When you submit a return removal request, the fulfilment centre may take 10 to 14 working days to pick, pack and ship your return inventory. Until they are picked from inventory, fulfillable units will remain listed on and can be purchased by customers. If this occurs, the remaining quantity will be shipped excluding any quantity sold.
  • If you have chosen "Pick-Up" as method of removal, the order will be processed in the same manner as happens for regular Removal Orders. There will be no follow-up action from your end until the time the Processing is completed and you receive an Electronic Notification stating that the Removal Order has been processed and is now ready for you to visit our fulfilment centre and Pick-Up the items in your removal Order.
Note: Returns may be sent using different carriers if the return Units are located in multiple fulfilment centres. Returns can only be shipped within mainland India. For other locations, coordinate your returns with a third-party freight forwarder.

Creating Pick-up Removals using Flat File

Go to Return and Disposal of FBA Inventory for related fees.

Create a Removal Order using Flat File Method

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