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Restock Inventory

The Restock Inventory dashboard provides fulfilment-centre level in-stock recommendations to make sure that you get an accurate and economic inbound quantity recommendations for your products. The tool helps you to know what, where, when and how much to hold in stock and maintain healthy inventory for on-demand selections.

You can fine tune your restock recommendations by adjusting product-level procurement settings such as frequency of ordering, lead time for procurement from supplier, minimum order quantity, case-pack quantities and so on. You can also use Product Settings feature to bulk configure setting or individually on Product Details page.

Restock Plus

Restock Plus recommendations offers you a "pay when you sell" model to maintain 100% instock for your products. By following these recommendations, you will not be charged any storage and removal fees for units that remains unsold. Under Restock Plus, you need to follow restock recommendations to maintain optimal weeks of cover (Restock Plus cover window) to fulfill customer demand and enjoy FBA fee benefits (Storage and Removal) for any unit remaining unsold after cover window. With restock Plus you will be able to (a) maintain almost 100% instock, (b) avoid buying excess inventory, and (c) save on storage/removal fees.

Frequently asked questions

How does Amazon generate restock recommendations for my listed products?

To help you maintain near 100% instock for your products, Amazon has developed a sophisticated optimization model that calculates suggested restock quantity and ship date for your products. These recommendations and related estimates (e.g. estimated days of supply) are based on a variety of factors such as, Regional customer-demand distribution, Current inventory levels (both in stock & in-transit inventory), Inbound lead time for replenishment and your supply side configurations (Such as reorder frequency with supplier, units per carton, minimum order quantity).

What are the Restock Plus guidelines to avail the benefits?

For all eligible Restock Plus offers, following are guidelines you need to follow to avail storage and removal fee benefits:

  1. Enable Restock Plus for your offers and maintain healthy inventory as per your chosen weeks of cover to maintain higher instock and fulfil customer demand. You can enable Restock plus by using Restock Inventory dashboard or Restock bulk upload Settings.
  2. Your shipments should reach Amazon fulfilment centre within 14 days of recommended ship to FC date (for non ATS shipments) or within 7 days (for ATS shipments)

You can navigate to Product Details page for each of your offer to view cover period for each offer.

How will I receive storage and removal fee benefits as part of restock plus initiative?

As part of Restock plus initiative, storage and removal fees benefits will be passed on through monthly Seller Reward Credits. Amazon will waive fees for shipments part of Restock Plus cycles. For easy tracking, you can see storage and removal benefits on Restock Compliance Report at a shipment level.

Why are not all my ASINs eligible for Restock Plus?

While majority of your ASINs will be part of restock plus initiative, you can follow suggested actions to enroll more of your listings in Restock Plus. For some ASINs, we will not be able to offer Restock Plus due to less signals for the ASINs.

How the optimum weeks of cover has been calculated for my offers?

Optimum weeks of cover helps you avoid out of stock situation and maintain healthy inventory levels. These suggested weeks of cover are calculated based on actual Weeks of cover for the Offer (Seller-ASIN) you maintained in past divided by in-stock percentage for past 12 weeks.

Are these recommendations available storage-capacity limits aware in each of the fulfilment centres?

Recommendations provided on restock inventory dashboard are cluster (region) capacity aware, i.e. combined capacity of all the FCs in a region. To prevent shipment appointment issues, both capacity constrained and unconstrained recommendations are shown on restock dashboard to plan your shipments in line with available regional capacity.

Why is restock recommendation not available for some of my products?

Currently, we provide recommendations only on your Amazon-fulfilled (FBA) inventory. For some products where we don’t have sufficient data projections for accurate calculations, our models are not able to predict future demand. However, we are working to generate recommendations for such ASINs and provide you recommendations.

Can I download the recommendations as a bulk file or in a report format?

Yes, you can download these recommendations in bulk by clicking the Download recommendations Report button on restock dashboard or Restock Recommendation Report in Reports section. This generates a report with all recommendations having the replenishment date within next 15 days.

How can I provide feedback about the recommendations or the Restock Inventory feature?

We welcome your feedback to help us improve our inventory management tools. If you think there might be an opportunity for improvement, you can provide us your feedback in one of the following ways:


  1. Estimated days of supply: The estimated number of days your current inventory supply lasts based on the projected demand of your products and the customer demand associated to the fulfilment centre.
  2. Fulfilment centre: Recommended fulfilment centre for inbound, based upon the regional customer demand
  3. Low / Out of stock: Low stock alert identifies items where the days of supply is less than lead time, which indicates that orders from your supplier may need to be expedited in order to avoid going out of stock and out of stock alert is shown for items that are no longer in inventory.
  4. Recommended order date: The suggested date to reorder the product from your supplier to avoid out of stock
  5. Recommended order quantity: The recommendation for the number of units that should be purchased from your supplier or to be inbounded by the recommended date.
  6. Restock Settings:
    • Reorder frequency: Frequency at which you typically reorder the specified product from your supplier
    • Supplier lead time: Time needed for your supplier to deliver a product to your facility
    • Case-pack quantity: Represents the number of units per case/carton for the product
    • Minimum order quantity: Minimum number of units your supplier will allow you to order
    • Capacity Aware Recommendation: Restock quantity adjusted to available capacity at FC
    • Opportunity: Sum of Total expected sales and weight handling fee savings
    • Savings: Sum of weight handling fee, storage and removal fee benefits for restock plus complied shipments
    • Restock Plus Cover Start Date: Recommended date when you should start your restock plus cover window to maintain 100% instock
    • Restock Plus Cover End Date: Indicative restock plus cover end date for restock plus complied shipments basis proposed restock plus cover start date
    • Restock Plus Weeks of Cover: Suggested restock plus week of cover for an ASIN to maintain 100% instock
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