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This article applies to selling in: India

Seller Pickup Removal Service

This section gives an overview of the new Pickup Removal process for FBA sellers in India.

Note: Pickup Removal service is available only for sellers selling Large Appliances (TVs, ACs, Fridges etc.) and for those sellers whose pin code is not serviceable by our carriers. All other sellers are to create removal orders via the Ship to Address Removal Order service.

How does Pickup Removals work?

  • Step 1 – Place a Pickup Removal order. Once you do so, the Fulfillment Center (FC) will pack and store your inventory in the outbound dock area. This process takes 14 days from the date of placing the Pickup Removal order.
  • Step 2 – You will receive an electronic manifest with the details of your Pickup Removal order on your registered email address once the entire removal order is processed completely.
  • Step 3 – Take an outbound dock appointment for pickup by sending an email to the appointment email ID of the corresponding Fulfilment Center (check the list of appointment email IDs below). Mention date and time for pickup.
  • Step 4 – Once you receive a confirmation of your dock appointment, you can come to the FC at the appointed time, hand over a copy of the electronic manifest and the appointment email confirmation, and collect your order.

How to create a Pickup Removal request

In order to create a Pickup Removal request, create a Pickup Removal order on Seller Central like this:

  1. You can create the Pickup order via the Seller Central user interface. Mark the units you wish to remove and proceed with the removal. Make sure to select Pickup as the Method of Removal.
  2. You can also create a Pickup via flat file. The Removal/Disposition field needs to be updated as PICKUP. Fill in all other fields as you would for other types of removal, such as RETURN.
  3. For more help regarding flat file feeds, see Create a Removal Order using Flat File Method.

The following snapshot will help you locate the above two options:

How will sellers be notified regarding the removal order?

Once the Fulfillment Center packs the units and the removal order is ready, FC will send an email regarding the removal order with an attachment. The attachment is referred as electronic manifest. After receiving the electronic manifest sellers would be required to set up an appointment for picking up the stocks for which such a request was placed.

By when should sellers come to the Fulfillment Center to pick up their orders?

We expect you to come to the Fulfillment Center within three days from the time you receive the electronic manifest. In case you fail to comply with the timelines, Amazon holds the right to disable your account to create future Pickup Removal order(s).

How will sellers take an appointment for Pickup Removals'?

You will have to take an outbound dock appointment for pickup by sending an email to the appointment email ID of the corresponding FC (mail format below). Mention date and time for the pickup.

Subject - Request for outbound dock appointment for Return Pickup order no. XXXXXXXXX


Please provide appointment at outbound dock for 4 pm on Tuesday, January 7, 2014, for return pickup order. Please find details below:

Seller Name -

Pickup Order No.-

Appointment Date and Time -

Note: Outbound dock appointments are not allowed between 1 PM - 3 PM and 5 PM - 7 PM (IST).

List of Amazon Fulfillment Centers and their contact details

FC code Appointment ID
SDEB (Heavy & Bulky)
SDEG (Heavy & Bulky)
SDEH (Heavy & Bulky)
SATB (Heavy & Bulky)
SLKB (Heavy & Bulky)
SBHA (Heavy & Bulky)
SHYB (Heavy & Bulky)
SMAB (Heavy & Bulky)
SCJB (Heavy & Bulky)
SBLB (Heavy & Bulky)
SBLC (Heavy & Bulky)
SBOB (Heavy & Bulky)
SBOE (Heavy & Bulky)

How much will be charged for Pickup Removals?

For more information, see FBA removal order fees.

Seller Pickup Removal Service

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