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Selling on Amazon Business fee schedule

Referral fee

Discounted referral fee for bulk orders

Starting July 30, 2020, business sellers listed on the B2B marketplace, that is, ("B2B Marketplace") will be charged with the discounted referral fee for multi-unit orders sold with a quantity discount. In order to be eligible for the referral fee benefit, the seller should have set quantity discounts on the ASINs and the order should have been placed for quantity higher than or equal to the quantity discount tier set by seller. For every 4% quantity discount given to business customers, seller will get a fee discount of 1% (4:1 discount ratio), subject to the maximum fee reductions per fee node.

  • The order should be a business order, that is, order by a business customer on a business seller.
  • The order should be in any of the product categories mentioned below.
  • The order value should cross the quantity discount threshold at an item level.
  • Discount will be applied only for the orders placed above the quantity discount threshold.

Product categories that have discounted referral fee for bulk orders

Note: The products that are not falling under the following product categories will be charged as per the standard referral fee.
Category Maximum discount
Accessories - Electronics, PC and Wireless 1.5%
Automotive - Other Subcategories 2.0%
Automotive- Accessories 1.0%
Books 2.0%
Business and Scientific Supplies 1.5%
Cables - Electronics, PC, Wireless 2.0%
Camera Accessories 1.5%
Cases/Cover/Skin/Screen Guard 1.5%
Chargers 1.0%
Desktops 0.5%
Educational Software 2.0%
Electronic Devices (except TV, Camera and Camcorder, Camera Lenses and Accessories, GPS Devices, Speakers and Car Electronics) 2.0%
Furniture 1.0%
GPS Devices 0.5%
Headsets, Headphones and Earphones 1.0%
Home - Bed and Bath Linen 2.0%
Home - Cushions and Covers 1.0%
Home - Other Subcategories 2.0%
Home Improvement (excl. Accessories) 1.0%
Home Improvement Accessories 2.0%
HPC - Medical Equipment 1.0%
Indoor Lighting (excluding LED bulbs and Battens) 2.0%
Industrial Supplies 1.0%
Keyboards and Mouse 2.0%
Kitchen - Non Appliances 1.0%
Laptop Battery 2.0%
Laptop Bags and Sleeves 0.5%
Large Appliances - Chimneys 0.5%
Memory Cards 1.5%
Modems and Networking Devices 2.0%
Monitors 0.5%
Non-Educational Software 2.0%
Office Products 1.0%
PC Components (RAM, Motherboards) 0.5%
Power Banks 1.5%
Scanners and Printers 1.0%
Speakers 1.0%
USB Flash Drives (Pen Drives) 2.0%
Hard Disks 1.0%
Home Storage 1.0%
Note: For categories excluding the above, the referral fee charged will remain the same. For more information, see Selling on Amazon Fee Schedule.


For example, in the Monitors category (4.5% standard Referral Fee), a Seller offering a 2% QD would receive a 0.5% reduction in Referral Fees (one fourth of the price discount and within the maximum discount in BSS) for an effective Referral Fee of 4%. Similarly, in the Keyboard category (16% standard Referral Fee), a Seller offering a 10% QD would receive a reduction of 2% (the maximum in Keyboard) for a 14% effective referral fee.

Note: The other charges will remain the same, that is, closing charges and cancellation charges remain the same. For more information on closing fees and cancellation charges, see Selling on Amazon Fee Schedule.
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