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FAQ and Glossary

The FBA Inventory Age view gives you information regarding the age of your units. This page shows you the number of units in each age group, the number of units that will be eligible to be charged the Long-Term Storage Fee (LTSF) on the next charge date and the estimated LTSF amount for those units (assuming no further sales). The view also shows your recent sales performance for each SKU. It identifies opportunities for you to increase traffic or sales conversion to help you sell your aged inventory.

Important: Apparel and Shoes inventory will not be charged 6 months LTSF (charged for units aged 6-12 months). Units of these categories will only be charged 12 months LTSF (charged for units older than 12 months). Currently all the Seller Central Reports show units in both the 6 months and 12 months LTSF columns for all categories (including Apparels and Shoes). Please note, Apparels and Shoes ASINs will not be charged LTSF for the units that appear in the 6 months LTSF columns in the Seller Central reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is inventory age determined?
  2. Inventory age is based on the number of days a unit is kept in our fulfilment centre. FBA accounts for inventory on a first-in-first-out basis across the entire fulfilment network. This means that each sale or removal will be applied to the inventory that has been in our fulfilment network the longest, regardless of which physical unit was actually shipped or removed.

  3. Which products are shown in the Inventory Age view?
  4. Any product that has at least one unit available for sale in FBA is shown in the Inventory Age view.

  5. What is Long-Term Storage Fee?
  6. Long Term Storage Fee (LTSF) is charged every month for all the sellable inventory units that have been stored in Amazon Fulfilment Centres (FC) for more than 180 days (6 months) for all categories except Apparels and Shoes. For Apparels and Shoes inventory, LTSF is charged only on units which are stored in the FCs for more than 365 days (12 months). LTSF charges will apply starting April 30, 2016. Starting April 30, 2016, all sellable inventory at Amazon FCs will be assessed for LTSF on the last day of every month (assessment day). Inventory units that have been in Amazon fulfilment centres between six and 12 months will be charged LTSF of Rs. 425 per cubic foot. Units that have been in fulfilment centres for more than 12 months on the assessment date will be charged an LTSF of Rs. 850 per cubic foot. The Inventory Age view shows your LTSF-eligible units and the estimated LTSF amount as of the next assessment date, assuming no further sales. You can click on the estimated LTSF to view the breakdown of the unit counts and LTSF amount for the six-month and 12-month assessments. For more information about FBA long-term storage fees, refer to this help page.

  7. How should I use this page to manage aged inventory?
  8. Our goal is to help you easily identify aged inventory that may incur long-term storage fees and alert you to factors that may be affecting your sales. The alerts that may appear are:

    • Quality alert – Indicates that the listing may be incomplete or incorrect. Customers search and browse the Amazon catalogue using specific product details. If your listing information is incomplete or incorrect, it becomes more difficult for buyers to find, evaluate, and purchase your inventory. Clicking Edit will allow you to edit the listing.
    • Low traffic – Indicates that less number of potential buyers have seen the listings. Use the Improve Keywords feature in the actions list to optimise how your listing appears in searches. The Advertise Listing feature allows you to advertise through Sponsored Products to drive additional traffic to your listing.
    • Low conversion – Indicates that potential buyers are viewing the listing but do not follow and purchase the product. Ensuring a high quality detail page and pricing it competitively helps improve conversion rates.

    In addition to the alerts, you can also view how many units of a product have been sold over the last 7, 30, 60, and 90 days by hovering over the Units Sold column. This will allow you to gauge sales relative to the available inventory. If you find that you have an item that you’d like to remove from your inventory, click Create removal order from the action menu.

  9. How can I provide feedback about the Inventory Age view?
  10. Your feedback is important for improving our inventory management tools. If you think there may be an opportunity for improvement, please provide us feedback in one of the following ways:

Glossary of Terms

Available quantity: Displays the number of units that are available for fulfilment through FBA.

Inventory age (days): Displays a breakdown of your FBA units by age group. We separate your units into the following age groups: 0 – 90 days, 91 – 180 days, 181 – 270 days, 271 – 365 days and 365+ days.

Est. LTSF: Displays the estimated LTSF amount that will be accrued on the next assessment date and the number of units which will be eligible for the fee, assuming no further sales or item removals.

Low conversion: An alert that indicates that fewer buyers are purchasing the product after viewing the listing relative to other listings in the same category.

Low traffic: An alert that indicates that the ASIN listing has a low number of viewers compared to other ASINs in the same category.

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