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Negative keywords

Negative keyword and negative product targeting allow you to exclude shoppers’ search terms, brands or products from displaying ads in shopping results or detail pages.

You can create a negative keyword or negative product target in the campaign manager, or when uploading a bulk file. Add negative keywords and negative products or create a bulk file.

Negative keyword targeting

Negative keywords prevent your ads from displaying when a shoppers' search terms match your negative keywords. You can use negative keywords to exclude poorly performing searches, reducing your advertising cost and increasing your return on ad spend (ROAS). It can also be used to fine-tune each campaigns' product and keyword targeting to understand individual performance.

You cannot block ASINs using negative keywords, but negative ASIN targeting is available for Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands using product attribute targeting. Learn more about keyword and product targeting.

Negative keyword targeting is a targeting option in Sponsored Products when selecting automatic targeting or keyword targeting strategy, and in Sponsored Brands when selecting keyword targeting strategy.

Negative product targeting

Negative product targeting prevents your ads from displaying when shoppers’ search terms match your negative product selections. You can include a negative list of brands and products that you would like to exclude from your targeting choices. Excluding irrelevant brands and products can help reduce your advertising cost of sale (ACOS).

Negative product targeting is available in the campaign builder for Sponsored Products when selecting product targeting and for Sponsored Brands when choosing product targeting strategy. For Sponsored Display campaigns, you can set negative targets after the campaign is created.

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