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Removal Order Cancelled

Cancelled units in a removal order can be located in the Order Summary page. You can view this page by going to Manage Orders, locating the Removal Order ID, and clicking the Order ID. This enables you to monitor the status of your removal order or cancel an order.

A new removal order should be placed if the units in removal order was cancelled and available in the inventory. If you have any queries, please contact seller support.

Units in a removal order can get cancelled because of any of the following reasons:

  1. Units are not in a pick-able location at the Fulfilment Centre - There are instances where the items are not in a location from where it can be picked by the fulfilment centre associates. Therefore, as per the current process, the units get cancelled. You can check the availability of the item in the Manage Inventory page and place a new removal order for the same.
  2. The item was missing at the FC - In this case, there will be an adjustment that will be recorded in the Inventory Adjustment report. If you encounter missing items, you can contact seller support to claim a reimbursement for the missing units.
  3. Multiple removal orders for the same item - Cancellation of removal orders may occur due to multiple removals being placed for the same item. To check for all removals associated to a particular item, request you to please follow the outlined steps:
    • Select Fulfilment by Amazon from the Reports tab in Seller Central.
    • Click on the Removal Order Detail option under the Removals section.
    • Enter the Merchant SKU or the Fulfilment Network SKU.
    • Select the relevant Creation Date and Click on Generate Report.
  4. You have not provided GST number of the state for the Fulfilment Centre from where you want to create removal. For more details refer this link.

If there are more than 1 removal order pending for the particular item, the removal order with an earlier creation date will be processed. The item in the duplicate removal order will be cancelled.

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