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Best practices while placing a Removal Order using Flat File Method

  1. Ensure that there is only one removal order for a particular item. Duplicate removal order may result in cancellations. To check for all removals associated to a particular item, we request that you please follow the outlined steps:
    • Select Fulfilment by Amazon from the Reports tab in Seller Central.
    • Click on the Removal Order Detail option under the Removals section.
    • Enter the Merchant SKU or the Fulfilment Network SKU.
    • Select the relevant Creation Date and Click on Generate Report.
  2. If there are more than 1 removal orders pending for the particular item, the removal order with an earlier creation date will be processed. The item in the duplicate removal order will be cancelled.
  3. For Mini FCs (any FC Code starting with the letter ‘S’), place the removal in batches of 200 units. Currently, these FCs support a maximum of 200 units in a single Pick Up removal order.
  4. If you are creating a removal order to remove items only from a particular FC, please ensure that you mention the FC Code in the 'RemoveFromFCCode' section of the flat file feed template.
  5. Use the 'Amazon-Fulfilled Inventory report' to get the current FBA inventory at the fulfilment centre before placing a removal order. You can download the 'Amazon-Fulfilled Inventory report' by following the steps outlined below (if you are providing RemoveFromFCCode then go to Daily Inventory History Report):

  1. Select Inventory reports from the Inventory tab.
  2. Select 'Amazon-Fulfilled Inventory Report' from the drop-down list.
  3. Click on 'Generate Report'.
  4. Download and open the generated file in Excel by clicking on the 'Download' button once the Report Status shows Ready.
  5. We recommend that you create removals for sellable and unsellable items separately. This will help you track and reconcile items at your end effectively.
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