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Sponsored Products campaign limits

Sponsored Products have the following maximum limits.

Type Limit
Campaigns in your account

(active and paused)

Ad groups in a campaign 20,000
Ads in an ad group 10,000 for manual targeting

500,000 for automatic targeting

Keywords in an ad group

(excluding negative keywords)

1,000 for manual targeting
Ad groups in an account 200,000
Ads in an account 2,000,000
Keywords in an account (including negative keywords) 2,000,000
Category and product targets in an ad group 10,000
Campaign negative keywords 1,000
Ad group negative keywords 1,000
Negative keyword search terms Negative phrase 4 words or 80 characters

Negative exact 10 words or 80 characters

Negative products in an group in product targeting 10,000
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