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This article applies to selling in: India

Amazon Inbound Pickup Service Coverage (Local/Intra-state)

The following table lists the destination fulfilment centres supported by Amazon Inbound Pickup Service.

Shipped from Destination fulfilment centre
Delhi SDED
Delhi SDEE
Delhi SDEF
Haryana DEL2
Haryana DEL3
Haryana DEL4
Haryana DEL5
Uttar Pradesh SLKA
Punjab SATA
Gujarat AMD1
Rajasthan SJAB
Maharashtra BOM1
Maharashtra BOM3
Maharashtra BOM4
Maharashtra SBOA
Maharashtra SBOC
Maharashtra SPNA
Maharashtra NAG1
Tamil Nadu MAA4
Tamil Nadu MAA5
Tamil Nadu SCJA
Karnataka BLR5
West Bengal SCCC
West Bengal SCCF
Madhya Pradesh SIDA
Karnataka BLR7
Telangana HYD8
Andhra Pradesh SVGA

Amazon Inbound Pickup Service Coverage (Inter-state)

To download the list of pin codes covered under Amazon Inbound Pickup Service, click here

For E-Waybill filing, ATSPL Transportation codes are following:

Entity State GST ID
ATSPL Andhra Pradesh 37AAKCA5016B1Z3
ATSPL Chandigarh 04AAKCA5016B1ZC
ATSPL Chattisgarh 22AAKCA5016B1ZE
ATSPL Delhi 07AAKCA5016B1Z6
ATSPL Gujarat 24AAKCA5016B1ZA
ATSPL Haryana 06AAKCA5016B1Z8
ATSPL Himachal Pradesh 02AAKCA5016B1ZG
ATSPL Karnataka 29AAKCA5016B1Z0
ATSPL Kerala 32AAKCA5016B1ZD
ATSPL Madhya Pradesh 23AAKCA5016B1ZC
ATSPL Maharashtra 27AAKCA5016B1Z4
ATSPL Manipur 14AAKCA5016B1ZB
ATSPL Mizoram 15AAKCA5016B1Z9
ATSPL Nagaland 13AAKCA5016B1ZD
ATSPL Odisha 21AAKCA5016B1ZG
ATSPL Punjab 03AAKCA5016B1ZE
ATSPL Rajasthan 08AAKCA5016B1Z4
ATSPL Sikkim 11AAKCA5016B1ZH
ATSPL Tamil Nadu 33AAKCA5016B1ZB
ATSPL Telangana 36AAKCA5016B1Z5
ATSPL Tripura 16AAKCA5016B1Z7
ATSPL Utttar Pradesh 09AAKCA5016B1Z2
ATSPL Uttarakhand 05AAKCA5016B1ZA
ATSPL West Bengal 19AAKCA5016B1Z1
ATSPL Jharkhand 20AAKCA5016B1ZI
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