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Automated Disposal Orders

After providing 30 days' notice to you, Amazon will require you to remove FBA inventory units fulfilment centres that are unsuitable for sale.

This will include inventory that is not in sellable condition (e.g., unfulfillable or unsellable).

If you do not remove these units before the completion of 30 days, Amazon may dispose them off. Disposal fees may apply.

Before you are notified of required removals

Using Seller Central, you can identify inventory that is not in sellable condition or not listed for sale.

View the Recommended Removal report to identify inventory recommended for removal. Any inventory that falls within the 0-30 days age bucket and is unsellable should be removed immediately. You can also enable automatic removals for items that are in unsellable condition. For more information, see Remove Inventory Automatically.

FBA Disposal Fees (effective from June 30, 2016)

Item Type Disposal Fees
Small size INR 5
Standard size INR 10
Oversize INR 25
Oversize Heavy and Bulky INR 25
  • All fees displayed above are excluding tax. We will apply 18% Goods Service Tax to all fees displayed above.
  • Disposal rate shown above is applicable till October 30, 2016.

All prices include the cost of delivery.

Standard-Size includes any packaged unit that is 12 kg or less with its longest side 45 cm or less, its shortest side 26 cm or less, and its median side 34 cm or less. A unit exceeding any of these dimensions is Oversize.

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