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Sales is the total value of products sold attributed to your ads. Attribution depends on campaign type.

Attributed sales for advertising campaigns

When shoppers click your ads and later purchase one of the products advertised, we attribute the sale to your ad campaign. The time period for measuring purchases after a click is called an attribution window. If shoppers return to your product and purchases it within the attribution window, that sale will be included in your sales data.

Note: We display sales attribution metrics in campaign reporting based on the date of the order. Payment failures and orders that are cancelled within 72 hours will be removed from the attribution.

Sponsored Products

For Sponsored Products, sales data consists of the product sales resulting from ad clicks within 7 days. You can view sales attributed to a campaign for a given time frame by downloading a Campaign Performance report.

Sales data includes sales of the advertised products as well as sales of the other products in your inventory. For example, if a click on your ad for a blue shirt generates a sale for one of your red shirts, this is included in total sales.

Sponsored Brands

For Sponsored Brands, sales data consists of sales resulting from ad clicks within 14 days. This includes sales of the advertised products as well as sales of other products within your brand that resulted from clicks on your ads, regardless of whether they were sold by you or by others.

Unlike Sponsored Products campaigns, Sponsored Brands will be shown to shoppers regardless of who presents the featured offer, helping you gain more impressions with shoppers on Amazon to promote your brand.

For example, if you own an athletic equipment brand, your Sponsored Brands ad for your new running shoe collection could also include sales for your brand’s socks and workout clothing. This allows you to see how your ad spend is having an impact beyond just the advertised product and increasing awareness of your brand.

Attributed sales for Stores

For Stores, sales consist of the product sales generated by Store visitors within 14 days of their last visit to your Store.

There are two types of attributed sales and units we use in our calculations:

  • Direct sales or units: Total sales or units purchased of products available on a Store page, where the Store page was viewed by the purchasing customer.
  • Halo sales or units: Total sales or units purchased of products available on Amazon from your brand, where the product purchased wasn't available on the Store page viewed by the purchasing customer.

In addition, we attribute sales to Stores traffic source and pages as follows:

  • Sources: We attribute sales to the last source that shoppers visit prior to their purchase.
  • Pages: We attribute all direct sales to the page viewed, which contained the purchased product. We attribute halo sales to the last page shoppers viewed in visit prior to their purchase.

For attributed orders, if an attributed order contained multiple products that appear on separate pages, the order will be attributed only to the last page viewed and the traffic source of that page view.

Note: We display sales data in Stores insights based on the date of the visit, not the date the order was placed. Order payment failure and cancellations are included in the attribution.

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