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Changes to the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement

We have made changes to the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement. These changes will enter into effect in 15 days: March 18, 2020. The key changes are summarized below:

  1. “Except as set forth in Section 5 above” is added to Section 7(a) of the General Terms before the sentence beginning with “We and our Affiliates waive and disclaim…”
  2. Section S-2.1 of Selling on Amazon Service Terms will begin with “Other than as described in the Fulfilment by Amazon Service Terms (if applicable to you), or as provided in any applicable Service Terms or Program Policies…” by the insertion of “or as provided in any applicable Service Terms or Program Policies…”
  3. The definition of “Excluded Offer” will be deleted from the list of definitions under the Selling on Amazon Definitions.
  4. The maximum time period for removal of unsellable inventory for FBA will be 30 days; “sixty (60)” will be replaced with “thirty (30)” in Section F-3.2, Section F-6.2 and Section F-7.4 of FBA Service Terms.

Your continued use of Selling Services on or after March 18, 2020 constitutes your acceptance of the updated agreement. A copy of the revised BSA is available here for your reference.

As always, our goal is to help you and all our selling partners continue to succeed with Amazon and grow your businesses around the world.

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