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School Bundles

School Bundles is a special category in which sellers can list if they meet the requisite eligibility criteria set keeping in mind the product quality and selling performance expected from sellers. Amazon wishes to ensure that customers are able to buy authentic and complete bundles of textbooks, notebooks and stationery prescribed by their school with confidence from all sellers who list such products on Amazon.

General requirements

Sellers interested in selling in the School Bundles category and have their listings form part of the School Bundles storefront must submit an application for to the same. Applications will be evaluated to determine if the eligibility criteria for listing in School Bundles (mentioned below) are satisfied so as to ensure that customers are able to buy with confidence from all such sellers on Amazon. The eligibility requirements for selling in School Bundles reflect customer concern for accuracy of the list of products prescribed by the schools that constitute the respective bundles; and in turn consumer trust.
Note: If you are interested in registering to sell in the School Bundles category you must qualify the requirements provided below. Once you write to us expressing your interest in School Bundles, you can expect a response within 30 days. If you leave your information, we will inform you when we expand our programme.

Eligibility criteria to sell in School Bundles

To sell in School Bundles, you must fulfil at least two of these requirements:

  • You are in the business of selling school supplies to customers as prescribed by at least one Indian school for a minimum period of 1 year.
  • You have an online presence through your own website or any third party marketplace.
  • You can make available the complete set of bundles of textbooks, notebooks and stationery as per the list prescribed by the schools for selling on Amazon.

Note that NOC from the school, allowing the sellers to use schools name and logo for setting up and marketing a store for selling school supply bundles for it on Amazon will be important documentation that is considered while evaluating eligibility of the sellers.

Note: We do not accept school bundles’ sellers with partial list of products prescribed by schools.

Apply to Sell in School Bundles

Please read the 'General seller guidelines' before filling the details mentioned below and writing to us at


Briefly tell us about the Schools Bundles that you wish to sell.

Example: I wish to apply to sell the following products: (Product Title name), (School Name), (Type of product e.g. Textbooks, Notebooks, Stationery etc.)

An Amazon executive will contact you for the authenticity of these collectibles at the earliest possibility.

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