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Footwear size attribute update FAQ

To help customers understand shoe sizing better and improve the buying experience on the platform, we recommend updating footwear sizes to follow the format <Size> <UK>. Below are the common FAQ on attribute updates.

What needs to be updated?

Sellers are required to update the field name: size_name and size_map to ‘UK’ sizing for all ASINs in their catalogue. Use case (Values displayed in the size drop down) Example: Size Name Value (Current) Example: Size Name Value (To be updated)
1 No size standard mentioned currently 6 6 UK
2 Sizes with UK/India 6 UK/India 6 UK
3 Sizes with cm/inch 25 cm Corresponding UK value
4 Drop down displays values with EU or US

40 EU

8 US

Corresponding UK value
5 Kids Sizes between 1 - 13 kids and corresponding EU<32

10 Child UK

10 C UK

10 UK Kids

10 Kids UK (Refer sample table)
6 Kids Sizes greater than 13 kids and corresponding EU>32


5 UK/India

5 India

37 EU

5 UK (Refer sample table)
7 Baby shoes (typically upto 2 years age)

Update the sizes in months or years (typically up to 2 years of age)

0-3 months

3-6 months

6 months

12-24 months

How can the sellers update the attributes?

Sellers can edit individual ASINs or do a BULK upload of revised values through Seller Central. You can find below the steps for each:

Single ASIN attribute update:

  • Navigate to Manage Inventory under the Inventory tab on Seller Central
  • Search the ASIN and click Edit
  • This will open up a new tab
  • In the Vital Info section, fill Size Name and Size Map
  • Save changes

BULK Upload Process for Attribute Update:

  • Navigate to Add products via upload under the Inventory tab on Seller Central.
  • Download the inventory template titled Inventory files (at the bottom) or generate the required category template.
  • Download the category specific flat-file and fill SKU, Size name, Size map, MRP, update delete (fill Partial update). Save the file in text tab delimited format.
  • Navigate to Add products via upload under Inventory and then upload your inventory file.
  • Select file type as inventory file (default) and upload.

Should we update for all ASINs?

It is required that all SKUs/ASINs follow the same nomenclature as mentioned in FAQ 1 above.

What will happen if I don’t update?

For SKUs/ASINs that do not follow the nomenclature suggested in FAQ 1, Amazon will be updating at the back end in a scalable and systematic way.

I don’t have UK sizes – What should I do?

Check with the brand team for UK mapping. UK sizing is mandatory on the marketplace.

The shoe box does not have UK size mentioned. What should I do?

Add a sticker or label with the corresponding UK sizes on the shoe box.

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