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How do I read process report?

Every time you upload a text file, Amazon creates and posts a processing report. This processing report identifies whether your feed was successful and the specific errors, if any, encountered during processing.

The file upload status

When you upload your file, a status box confirms that your file has been received.

The File Upload Status section on this page displays the date, time, batch ID, status and results of your most recent upload. There is also a column that provides links you can use for taking action based on the results. If your feed has not completed processing, the Status/Results column shows the following information:

Status: In Progress Number of records processed from this upload: 0 Number of records that were activated: 0 Number of records with errors: 0

You can use the Refresh button to see the latest results.

After your file has been processed, the Status/Results column shows updated information, along with the Actions available.

If any items are not activated due to errors, click on the View Processing Report link to download the associated processing report. Use this report to diagnose and correct errors in the file you uploaded. When you are ready to upload the edited file, click on the Return to Upload page link, and re-upload your file. Learn more about using a Processing Report.

Note: To check your inventory file for common errors and warnings before you upload it, use the Check My File feature.

Access your upload results

From the Upload Products & Inventory page, you can access the upload status report for your file in the Review File Status and History section. The last 10 uploads are available.

Under the Products tab is the option to Upload Products. The process of uploading your product information via the Product Template is broken into the following three steps:

  1. Select upload option Step 1 allows you to choose which upload method you would like to use. Choose the Upload Amazon Product File option from the drop-down menu to upload your products using our Product Template. You can use the template to manage and update your product information.
  2. Locate file to upload Step 2 allows you to locate the Product Template and then upload it.
    1. Under Step 2 > Locate your File, click Browse
    2. Find and select your product file and click OK
    3. With the file name and path entered in Your .txt File field, click the Upload button.
  3. View your Processing Report

    After you upload a file, please make sure that you check the Processing Report to confirm that it was successful. You will also be able to read details of any specific file errors that need to be fixed. You can find the Processing Report below Step 2.

    View a list of the Most Common Error Codes with descriptions and solutions.

    If your product file is large, it may take some time for the file to process, so please make sure that you check back and verify that your products were successfully uploaded. If the file is above 10MB, please use FTP.

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