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Plastic and Thermocol

Note: All product listings must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Examples of Prohibited Product Listings

Plastic and Thermocol Products, such as the following are banned:

  • Plastic carry bags with self-carrying feature
  • Plastic cling films
  • Plastic stretch wrap film or stretch film
  • Plastic shrink film
  • Plastic and thermocol plates
  • Plastic and thermocol cups and glasses
  • Plastic and thermocol spoons, knives, forks
  • Plastic straws
  • Disposable and thermocol plastic dishes
  • Plastic and thermocol bowls and containers
  • Plastic pouches to store food or liquids
  • Plastic coffee cup lids
  • Non woven (plastic) bags
  • Plastic coated carry bags
  • Plastic coated plates
  • Plastic flags and buntings
  • Packaged drinking water bottles (PET or PETE bottles) with a capacity of 200ml liquid and less

Additional information

“Plastic” means material; which contains as an essential ingredient a high polymer such as polyethylene terephthalate, high density polyethylene, vinyl, low density polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene resins, poly styrene (thermocol), non-oven polypropylene, multi layered co extruder, poly propylene, poly terephthalate, poly amides, poly methyl methacrylate, plastic micro beads, etc.

The manufacture, usage, transport, distribution, wholesale and retail sale and storage, and import of certain plastic products have been banned in multiple states in India including disposable products manufactured from plastic and thermocol (polystyrene) such as single use disposable dish, cups, plates, glasses, fork, bowl, container, disposable dish/bowl used for packaging food in hotels, spoon, straw, non-woven polypropylene bags, cups/pouches to store liquid, packaging with plastic to wrap or store the products, packaging of food items and food grain material etc.

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