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Sponsored Products for Coupons

Sponsored Products for coupons increases discoverability for your coupon ASINs. Some of the frequently asked questions regarding the same are listed below.

Please tell me more about creating Sponsored Products for my coupons

These ads appear right where customers will see them, such as the first page of search results and product pages, providing an instant visibility boost.

Why are my coupons not eligible for Sponsored Products campaigns (or vice versa)?

Coupons and Sponsored Products have different eligibility rules. As a result, there might be cases where you are not eligible to create a sponsored product campaign for your coupon or create a coupon for your sponsored products campaign.

For more details, see Coupons eligibility and Sponsored Products eligibility.

My coupons ended before original end date, but my Sponsored Products campaign is still running. Why?

The coupons campaign and the Sponsored Products campaign are independent. The coupons campaign may have ended due to your budget running out. The Sponsored Products campaign will continue to run by default, because it is good for the ASIN’s discoverability. You can manually turn the Sponsored Products campaign on or off as well.

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