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How to install the Amazon Delivery App

Amazon Delivery App is required to mark pickup and deliver scans when you are delivering the orders on your own to the customers.

Before you start installing the Amazon Delivery App, you need to make mandatory configurations in Seller Central.

Update Default location in Buy Shipping Preferences page on Seller Central. To update the location, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings, click on Account Info and Buy Shipping Preferences
  2. Click Cancel in the new screen
  3. Click on the Add New Address, and then enter the address from where you will be shipping the orders. Click Save
  4. Go to User Permissions under Settings tab
  5. Scroll down to Delivery Permissions section and enter name, email address and then click Invite
  6. An email will be sent to the above mentioned email address with a link to download the Amazon Delivery App. The delivery associate has to download, install, and register on the Amazon Delivery App.
Note: You should not use Seller Central login credentials (email id and password). The email ID, which associate is using must be registered on as a buyer.

Refer to the images below for step-by-step instructions for the installation of Amazon Delivery App:

Open invite email in your mailbox and click to download. Enter your Amazon customer account credentials To continue, approve the notification received in SMS. Click Approve Click Download. Enable the source. Click Install.
Click Open. Click Continue. Click SIGN IN Sign in with the same credentials that was used earlier. Verify your phone number by requesting code. Enter the code received on your phone number. Your Delivery App is ready for use

Usage of Amazon Delivery App

The Amazon Delivery App allows to update status of Pickup, Delivered, Reject, and Undeliverable scans for the Locals Shops orders shipped via ‘Self Deliver’ workflow in Seller Central. Detailed steps on how to update each of them are listed below:

  1. Pickup:

    Log in to Amazon Delivery App and follow the steps below:

    Click READY TO DELIVER. Tap on the 3 lines icon on the left Select Pick up from the list. Scan the barcode on your order and click SWIPE TO FINISH. Pick up scan in complete.
  2. Delivered

    To update delivery scans on order(s), follow the steps below:

    Select the order. Click SCAN PARCEL. Scan the barcode on label. Select one of the delivery locations. Swipe left on SWIPE TO SIGN at the bottom. Get the customer signature.

    Complete delivery by swiping left on

  3. Reject

    If customer has rejected the order at door step, follow the steps below to update reject scans:

    Select the order. Tap Help on the top right. Select Return items. Select a reason from the list. Swipe left on SWIPE TO FINISH at the bottom.
  4. Undeliverable

    If customers are not reachable or contactable on their address or if you are not able to contact the customer, follow the steps below to update 'Undeliverable’ scans. We recommend sellers to make at least two delivery attempts within EDD before selecting Undeliverable scan:

    Tap on the three parallel horizontal lines icon on the top left. Select Pick up option from the list. Scan the barcode on your order and click SWIPE TO FINISH. Order is now listed in itinerary. Click Help on the top right.
    Select Unable to deliver option. Select a reason from the list. Swipe left on the ‘SWIPE TO FINISH’ at the bottom Order remains in undeliverable status (Completed without delivering). The delivery associate can continue with the other orders.
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