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MFN replacements

Replacements for MFN Seller fulfilled Orders

What is a replacement order?

When a buyer choses to return an order, Amazon offers return and replacement choices to buyer basis certain checks and conditions. When the buyer wishes to replace an item with the exactly same product, he/she can chose replacement option on the Amazon shopping app or through Amazon Customer support service. The replaced order is called replacement order.

Can a buyer avail replacement on all of my seller fulfilled orders?

No. Replacements are available on orders for which buyer’s return requests are auto-authorized.

Additionally, buyers are offered replacements only if following pre-conditions are met:

a) Inventory of the item is available in stock in your seller central account at the time of buyer requesting for replacement.

b) Return pickup service is available at buyer’s pin code via Amazon carrier partners.

Can a buyer exchange a product with a variation of original ordered product?

No. Currently, buyer can only replace a product with the exact same product.

Can a buyer chose to replace the replacement order?

No. If the buyer is unhappy with a replacement order, he/she needs to return the order to obtain a refund. Our carrier partners will pick up the replaced order from buyer’s doorstep and deliver it back to you.

Can a buyer chose to return a product that belongs to “replacement only” category?

Buyer will be displayed only a replacement option while returning a product that belongs to “replacement only” category if:

a) Pre conditions of availing replacement are met.

b) Buyer is returning an original order and not replacement order (Buyer can only return a replacement order).

What is the workflow of replacements for MFN seller fulfilled orders?

When a buyer chooses to replace an order purchased from you on the Amazon shopping app or through Amazon customer service, a new replacement order will be created. Replacement order will be available to you to ship only after successful return pickup of the original order by Amazon carrier partners (replacement order will be in Pending state until return pickup is done and visible on Manage Orders page in Seller Central). You should process a replacement order as any other regular order.

The original product will be returned back to you by the carrier partner.

How do I identify a replacement order in my account?

You can identify a replacement order from the Manage Orders page. A Replacement badge is present next to the order.

Refer to the following screenshot:

How do I identify/view MFN orders on which replacement was requested by buyers from seller central reports?

Follow these steps to view replacement orders:

  1. Click on Reports > Return Reports on Seller Central.
  2. Specify the date range for the report.
  3. Click Download.
  4. Identify orders which have Replacement in Resolution column.

Do I get paid for fulfilling a replacement order?

No. Replacement order has no value and you are not paid/charged for any differential price between the price of an original order and the price of the replacement order.

Am I charged ‘Selling on Amazon’ fee for replacement order?

No. Amazon doesn’t charges you any additional fee for processing replacement orders.

Do I get charged if the replacement order gets cancelled?

You will be charged 100% of referral fee (if cancelled on or before ESD) / 150% of referral fee (if cancelled after ESD) of the value of items in the order as a Cancellation Charge for seller-fulfilled orders that are cancelled under the following scenarios:

  1. Order is cancelled by you for any reason other than buyer request. (Only cancellations requested by buyers through the website are considered buyer-requested cancellations and will be exempt from the Cancellation Charge.)
  2. Order is cancelled automatically by Amazon because you did not confirm shipping of the order within 24 hours of Estimated Ship Date.

Does replacement order affect my seller performance metric?

Yes, replacement order affects seller performance metrics as any regular order.

Where can I find the original order ID for a replacement order?

You can find the original order ID in the Order Details page by clicking on the Replacement order ID. Refer to the following screenshot:

For more details about the original order ID, click on the Original Order ID option.

How do I fulfill the replacement order?

You are required to process the replacement order just like a regular order.

How do I get original item delivered back to me?

After a buyer raises a replacement request for the original order, a delivery associate picks up the order from buyer’s location and returns it back to you. You can check the status of return by selecting Manage Your Returns > Select Order ID > View more details to find return tracking information of the original order.

What happens if the original product returned to me is defective/damaged or different from what I delivered?

You are eligible for reimbursement for the order as per the SAFE-T policy.

What happens if customer changes his mind and doesn’t want to replace the order after creating replacement request?

If a buyer doesn’t handover the product to the carrier partner within 7 days of requesting for replacement, the replacement order in your seller central gets auto cancelled after 7 days. You will not be charged cancellation fee and your performance metrics will not be impacted in this case.

Will buyer be refunded automatically for return of a replacement order?

No. You are required to refund the buyer from Manage Returns page on seller central.

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