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Selling Channel Recommendation

What is Selling Channel Recommendation?

'Selling Channel Recommendation' is an Amazon tool that helps sellers in improving their profits by giving product level recommendations for sellers to choose a fulfilment channel that likely optimizes their sales and reduces operational cost. Sellers receive these recommendations through tools like Seller Central dashboard and email.

Why should I use these recommendations?

You should use these recommendations to identify, which ASINs have an opportunity to save cost by reducing fees through an alternate channel movement. Since the intelligent model that predicts the alternate channel recommendation for each ASIN considering various factors such as customer desirability of the product, demand forecast and seller fee savings, the channel movement ensures that the customer experience is not impacted. With a huge portfolio of products on, it is always difficult for sellers to focus on ASIN level profitability. Selling Channel Recommendation ensures that it highlights only those ASINs to the sellers where an action on their part has a higher likelihood of savings.

Where will I be able to see the recommendations?

These recommendations are available on email notifications and Seller Central page. Amazon will be sending periodic (weekly) emails to sellers with ASIN level channel recommendations.

Is it mandatory for sellers to follow the recommendations?

The suggested alternate channels are only recommendations and it is not mandatory for sellers to follow them.

How will the email version of Channel Recommendation look like?

Every week, you will receive an email that will contain ASIN level channel recommendations for your selections. Along with the recommended channel, you will also see the estimated savings in fees, which you may likely accrue, if you follow the recommendation.

How did you calculate the savings estimate? Which all fees have been considered for savings calculation?

In order to calculate estimated savings for your products we have considered Sales for past 3 months and multiplied it with the fee difference between FC and the recommended channel.

Savings = (Fulfilment fees in FC – Fulfilment fees in recommended channel) * No of units sold in the last 3 months.

We have only considered fulfilment fees for computing savings estimate.

Fulfilment fees includes:

  1. Closing fee
  2. Pick and pack fee
  3. Weight handling fee

How do I avail of potential savings by moving products out of FC, as suggested in the recommendations?

In order to have an opportunity to save on your costs, you need to follow the recommendation provided in the Seller Central Page. Upon clicking on REMOVE NOW, you will be taken to the Removals page. Refer to Remove from FC wherein you can enter the desired quantity for removal and confirm.

Once you remove the recommended ASIN(s) from FC (or, even before that), ensure you inbound the same products into the recommended channel so that the product offer does not get out of stock.

Once you inbound and start selling out of the recommended channel, you will have the opportunity to save up to the estimated amount, with every unit sold.

How do I move my products to FC? What will the benefit be from doing the same?

You may get recommendations to move some of your products from Easy Ship to FC because these are high selling products and can get even more sales when fulfilled by Amazon. You can simply move them to FC by going to this link Move to FBA.

Will Amazon take responsibility if the suggested savings are not accrued?

Estimated savings also depends upon several market related factors like pricing, demand etc. We have provided savings estimate but this is subject to change based on market forces and your performance on the marketplace. Amazon does not bear any responsibility in case, the estimated savings are not accrued once you move the products to the recommended channel.

If I move my products to Seller Flex, do I have to pay removal fees?

When you remove the ASIN from FC, you will incur removal fees for that ASIN as per the standard removal fee charges.

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